Over the last 48 years, Ag Arama has become a long-standing tradition on the University of Minnesota Crookston campus where students engage in various showing competitions and contests related to agriculture and natural resources. These events serve as an opportunity for both novice and experienced students to showcase their knowledge and skills while serving as a platform to interact with alumni in the agricultural industry.

The 2023 event was dedicated to Mandy Gudvangen 2009, senior farm animal attendant for the Animal Science department. She plays many roles at UMN Crookston and her commitment to both the students and animals is commendable and appreciated.

There were approximately 80 students who participated in the animal showmanship contests which included categories in beef, dairy, sheep, and goat, plus new in 2023 were rabbit and llama.

2023 Award Winners:

  • True Grit Award - Alissa Sharp
  • Animal Science Sweepstakes - Greta Saylor
  • Crops/Agronomy Sweepstakes - Matt Koski
  • Photography Contest - Jazlynn Folland
  • Alumni Round Robin - Nicole Schilling

Note: The animal science sweepstakes is based on the animal showmanship contests and the award winner is the winner of the round robin in the experienced category.

2023 Ag Arama Royalty:

  • Queen - Lindsey Espeseth
  • King - Ben Olander
  • Prince - Cole Tolrud
  • Princess - Lily Krona

View full 2023 Ag Arama photo gallery here: z.umn.edu/ag-arama-2023


ag arama 2023
ag arama 2023