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Get Creative with our English Program

Find yourself correcting the use of there, their, and they’re? So do we..but our English major is a whole lot more than homonyms or catching prepositional phrases. It’s critical thinking. It’s creativity. It’s interpretation. Immerse yourself in a world of literature, composition and rhetoric with an English degree. You’ll prepare for diverse creative opportunities in professional settings, such as teaching, public relations, journalism, law, publishing, medicine, and the fine arts.

English is a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

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Major in the making of you

English at UMN Crookston - Dr. Rachel McCoppin

As language, reading, writing, and communication change and adapt to the features of an increasingly technologically based society, the importance of and demand for reading and writing skills increases. The University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) is an applied learning campus, and, as such, our English degree is created to meet the needs of an ever-growing career market. The B.S. in English at UMC combines both writing skills, to ensure a mastery of the applied skills vital to most employers, as well as the critical study of world literature, to strengthen one’s value of multiculturalism and creativity.

I'm going to reach the world someday

The University of Minnesota Crookston provides on campus and online programs in CommunicationEnglish and Marketing. It’s real, hands-on and will get you ready for anything.

Career Options

Critics, Editors, Freelance writers, Managers, Marketing coordinators, Media analysts, Proofreaders, Publishers, Researchers, Technical writers

An English major also prepares you for graduate school.




  • English majors demonstrate proficiencies in the intensive writing processes through invention, organization, drafting, revision, and editing for personal and professional writing. 

  • English majors read books, plays, poems, and short stories from around the world and hold course discussions on key concepts within the literature, the era, and the theory surrounding the work.

  • Innovative thinking is an asset to any profession, and an English degree encourages creative thinking in its critical analysis of world literature and in the writing process. 

  • A degree in English addresses the importance of diversity. The study of English gives students insight into world cultures and their means of expression throughout history and helps to make students world citizens.


At the U of M Crookston, you won’t spend all your time behind a desk. Our curriculum is designed around experiential learning, which means we want you to have as much hands-on learning as possible. Depending on your major, you’ll find opportunities to be in the field, the lab, the classroom, or engaging in simulated scenarios that give you a competitive edge when you enter the workforce or head to grad school. You’ll learn the concepts and then actively apply them through projects, field trips, site visits, internships, and interactions with professionals in the field.

Meet your future professors

  • Sam Gruenberg

  • Danielle Johannesen

    Associate Professor
  • Rachel McCoppin

  • Karen Miller

    Teaching Specialist