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Agricultural Systems Management

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In the field, the shop, the barn, or the office - we prepare you for it all. You’ll get your hands dirty with all aspects of farm life. Keep up with the latest in technology, machinery, and livestock production. On a campus surrounded by agriculture, work in the near-by fields using the latest ag production practices. Whether you’re using GIS systems or flying camera-equipped drones, you’ll help improve the farming world. Earn your degree from a campus known for its leadership in agriculture. 

Agricultural Systems Management is a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

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Amberly Cox

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    Earn a University of Minnesota Degree
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    Two Areas of Empasis
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    Join the Ag Industries Club
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    Careers in Farm & Ranching

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Career options

  • Farming and ranching
  • Agriculture financial groups: Banks, Farm Credit Services, Farm Service Agency
  • Energy industries: Solar, Wind, Geo-thermal, Bio-fuels
  • Agriculture equipment industries: Sales, Service, Management
  • Livestock and crop production industries
  • Agriculture insurance agencies
  • Plant managers in food processing and manufacturing

Emphasis Areas:

  • Farm and Ranch Management
  • Precision Agriculture

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Agricultural Systems Management


  • Hands-on experience working with machinery, technology, and livestock productions.

  • Work in the fields near campus using the latest agricultural production practices.

  • Take field trips and tour local farms, businesses and elevators.

  • Observe and learn about the relationship between GPS guidance, yield monitors, field mapping, and the digital history of a field.

  • Computers and similar technologies are utilized to explain details regarding Precision Agriculture and economic-based systems.

  • Three emphasis areas: Farm and Ranch Management, Power and Machinery, Precision Agriculture.


At the U of M Crookston, you won’t spend all your time behind a desk. Our curriculum is designed around experiential learning, which means we want you to have as much hands-on learning as possible. Depending on your major, you’ll find opportunities to be in the field, the lab, the classroom, or engaging in simulated scenarios that give you a competitive edge when you enter the workforce or head to grad school. You’ll learn the concepts and then actively apply them through projects, field trips, site visits, internships, and interactions with professionals in the field.

Meet your future professors

  • Nathan Purrington


Student Stories

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    Joseph Arnold
    Joseph Arnold, a 2017 graduate of the U of M Crookston with a B.S. in Agricultural Systems Management, has been named FFA’s American Star Farmer for 2017.