Wordmark and Logo Examples For the Crookston Campus

Use of University word marks and logos must conform to current policies [see "Brand Policy: Trademarks, Logos, Colors and Seal"] and guidelines. Also, see Wordmark and Logo Guidelines for more information.

The wordmark and logo samples below are the preferred versions. To obtain high resolution versions, please contact the Office of University Relations at urumc@umn.edu or 218-281-8438.


University of Minnesota Crookston Horizontal Wordmark Example  

The wordmark formally represents the University. Use it on all visual communications.

Block M

UMC Block M  

The block M is the most recognizable symbol of the University. This version is recommended for use by official student clubs and organizations.

Block M and Wordmark Combinations

University of Minnesota Crookston M with Wordmark with Driven to Discover Black and White Example   

The wordmark guidelines also apply to wordmark and block M combinations.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle logo

Use the Golden Eagle logo in addition to the wordmark, but not as a substitute for it.

Wordmark and Unit Combinations

Workmark and unit combinations   

The wordmark may be used in combination with a unit's logo to communicate a connection to the University.

Regents Seal

Regents Seal   

The regents seal represents the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota. It may not be used without the approval of University Relations.

Recycle Symbols

Recycle Symbol   

Include the recycled symbol and a recycling information statement indicating the appropriate postconsumer waste content of your paper on all publications.