U of M Crookston Graphic Standards and Resources

About These Standards 

This manual is an adaptation of the Graphic Standards Manual created by the University of Minnesota Office of University Relations, which is authorized by the Board of Regents to establish and promote the graphic standards. The following manual has been tailored to fit the needs of the University of Minnesota Crookston. It is intended to help both internal and external users communicate more effectively by providing clear, consistent guidelines for using the University of Minnesota's and University of Minnesota Crookston's logos, wordmark and colors [also see University of Minnesota Brand Guidelines and Resources].

A unified institutional identity is an important part of an organization's communications efforts. As with any institutional identity, repeated and consistent use is critical to establishing and maintaining the identity of U of M Crookston. If we are inconsistent, we lose credibility. Using the University's logos and colors in a cohesive, professional way helps build the University of Minnesota Crookston's image, eliminates confusion and creates awareness.

Campus departments, student organizations, faculty, staff or students who are considering ordering products or items that feature the University of Minnesota Wordmark, the block "M" or the Golden Eagle logo, should check with University Relations to make sure they are using the correct images and that these images are being used properly. Please note, it is not appropriate to modify any of the U of M Crookston’s official logos. The images below are for Web site purposes only, higher-resolution copies are required for printing or other uses, including apparel or banner designs. They are available from the Crookston campus Images Library.

Wordmark and Logos

Go to the Wordmark and Logos section for information on using the University’s logos. They include:

  • the Wordmark
  • the block M
  • the Golden Eagle
  • the Regents Seal

Color and Type

Check the Color and Type section for guidelines on applying the colors of the University, plus print and online typographic standards.

For support and help, contact the Office of University Relations. Our design staff can help ensure that your publication meets the guidelines. Information on Web templates, policies and online resources, e-mail E-Communications Manager Amber Bailey at albailey@umn.edu.

Style Manual for Copy

The University's style manual is a resource for style standards such as word usage, grammar and punctuation, academic terminology and preparing copy for layout.


See Resources for trademark and licensing guidelines, information on ordering stationery, business cards, signage and name tags, key statements and logos to include in publications, plus directions to our online style guide.

Find out how to choose maroon or gold branded templates for Google Form, doc or slide.

Learn more about U of M Graphic Standards


Please contact the Crookston campus Office of University Relations at urUMC@umn.edu or call 218-281-8438 if you have questions about the graphic standards.