The wordmark, block M and other logos have value because they represent the traditions, reputation and identity of the University. The University's rights to control its marks are governed by federal and state trademark laws. Many of the University's key marks are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Our trademarks are the images, words and symbols that indicate that goods or services are associated with the University of Minnesota. Typically, a trademark that is not registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is indicated by the TM symbol and a registered mark is indicated by the ® symbol.

Protecting University Trademarks

Use only approved versions of the wordmark, block M and Golden Eagle. Guidelines for their use are described in the Wordmark and Logo Guidelines section of this online manual. The director of communications is the official trademark and licensing authority at the Crookston campus. Contact the director at University Relations.

  • Follow the trademark licensing guidelines below when creating a commercial product that incorporates a University logo.
  • Trademark licensing guidelines are subject to change. Check for updates in this online manual.

Trademark Licensing Guidelines

Only licensed vendors may use University logos on commercial products.

  • Choose vendors licensed with the trademark licensing office. Call 612-626-2086 for a list of licensed vendors. 
  • Vendors should contact the trademark licensing office at 612-626-2086 for a license application and to submit designs for approval. The licensing office will seek University Relations approvals for designs using University logos. 
  • All designs using University logos must include the trademark symbol (TM or ®).

Trademark FAQs

Who owns University of Minnesota logos?
The Board of Regents.

Who may use logos?
University departments and licensed vendors who follow these guidelines.

For more extensive information on trademarks and licensing, visit or call the U of M Crookston University Relations office at 218-281-8438.