Community Adviser Resources

General Resources
Provides information on college and university residence life and housing, for housing professionals, the resident assistant, and students and their parents.
Includes sections on CA advice, programming ideas, CA humor, CA resources, bulletin boards (ready to be printed out as well as ideas for boards), CA bookstore, etc.
Resident Assistant Link is part of the Student Affairs Link Network. Your learning and knowing what resources are available to help you solve problems.

Group Activities (games, icebreakers, etc.)

Ultimate Camp Resources
includes games, icebreakers, skits, songs, and team building activities.

Index to Group Activities, Games, Exercises and Initiatives
Includes team building activities, icebreakers, warm-ups, energizers, name games, get to know you, trust building, etc.


Wild Mirror (University of Southern Indiana web site)
Includes downloadable copies of the programs in Microsoft Word that can be personally edited for you needs.

Body-Mind Queendom
Includes articles on women's health and has a variety of personality, intelligence and health-related tests. There are also brainteasers and trivia pop quizzes. This would be a great resource for bulletin boards, newsletter information or for a program.