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The Crookston Students for Sustainable Development (CSSD) and the UMC Sustainability Committee are proud to announce that UMC has entered a nation-wide recycling competition called RecycleMania. Over 500 colleges and universities will be
participating in the 2010 RecycleMania competition that begins on January 17 and runs through March 27.

The goal of this competition is to increase awareness of campus recycling. All participating schools are required to report measurements (pounds of recycled materials divided by campus population) on a weekly basis. The school that collects the most recyclables in a variety of categories per capita wins!


Let's set a goal of placing 100% of our beverage containers and paper products in the appropriate recycling bins throughout campus. Cardboard should be flattens and placed behind the recycling bins. Student Organizations will collect the recyclables and place them in outside containers for pick-up and weighing.

Please get involved and help make a difference!

How are we doing?

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(Who are the other participating schools?)

Questions or want to get involved? Greg Summers (, Lisa Gentele ( or Peter Phaiah (