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Moodle is a course management system used at UMC. It is your "Online Classroom" for online UMC courses. When you login with your UMC Internet ID and password, you will see a link for each of the classes you are currently registered for. Clicking on the name of the course will get you directly into the course. If the instructor does not use Moodle for the course, clicking on the name of the course will direct you to a contact information page containing all the necessary course links and information available for your course.

Many instructors use Moodle as their online classroom for students to take their tests, get assignments, review course materials, send email, participate in class discussions, interact with each other on an electronic bulletin board and many other class functions. Some instructors have created additional web pages or personal course management sites and do not use the Moodle interface for the course work. In any event, you can get to all your courses through the MyU homepage.

Log into your courses using the MyU Portal
To access your UMC online courses, you can log into Moodle using your Internet ID and password through the MyU Portal. Once logged in, you will see the MyU homepage. Click on the "Academics > My Classes" tabs which will display all of your online courses.

If you not see your course, you are either not yet registered or your registration has not yet been in the system long enough for your course to appear automatically.