Frequently Asked Questions - Current Online Students

1. What is my UMN Crookston student ID number?

Your UMN Crookston student ID number is your unique identification as a University of Minnesota Crookston student. This is a 7-digit number assigned when you are admitted to UMN Crookston. Contact the Office of Admissions if you have not yet received your student ID number in an email or do not remember if from previous semesters. Student ID example: 9876543

2. What is my Internet ID (x.500)?

Your Internet ID (x.500) is used, along with your password, to log into your courses and for checking your grades, financial accounts, registration information, and personal information at UMN Crookston's One Stop.

Your Internet ID (x.500) will be the first part of your email address. It is a combination of 4 letters and 4 numbers (usually the first 4 letters of your last name). Your Internet ID and password will be the same for your entire academic career at UMN Crookston. Internet ID Example: John Smith: smit0001 

3. What is my University of Minnesota Library card number?

This number provides access to University of Minnesota libraries and online databases. Your library card # can be located by completing the following steps:

  • Go to:
  • Enter your Internet ID (X.500) and password.
  • A separate browser window will appear. 
  • Choose the option: "E-Mail Account Options"
  • Your library card number is the 14-digit number that will reflected on the screen.

4. When can I register for an online course?

Please visit our Dates and Deadlines page for information on registration deadlines.

5. How do I register for an online course?

Please visit our Registration page for information on how to register for online classes.

6. How do I know what classes I am enrolled in?

The Registrar’s office will email a Study Guide to you at your UMN Crookston email address. You can also check your classes by going to MyU > Academics > My Classes.

7. How do I withdraw from a course?

Find more information on withdrawing from an online course.

8. How do I request a transcript?

To get a copy of your Official UMN Crookston transcript for yourself or to be sent to another institution, please learn more about Transcripts.

9. How can I obtain a U Card (University of Minnesota Student ID card)?

Learn how to obtain a U Card.

10. How do I get my grades?

Grades are not mailed to students. You can check your grades online by going to MyU > Academics > Grades tabs. You must know your Internet ID and password.

11. How do I get my books?

Students may contact the UMN Crookston bookstore to purchase the necessary textbooks for their courses. You can contact the UMN Crookston Bookstore by phone: 1-800-862-6466 ext. 8335 or ordering them online.

12. How do I start the course and locate the website?

To access your UMN Crookston online courses, you can log into Moodle using your Internet ID and password through the MyU portal. Once logged in, you will see the MyU homepage. Click on Academics > My Classes which will display all of your online courses.

If you do not see your course, you are either not yet registered or your registration has not yet been in the system long enough for your course to appear automatically.

13. How do I pay for my courses?

You will receive a statement from UMN Crookston through your UMN Crookston email account. Find out more about billing and payment dates. You can find out more about tuition and fees on our One Stop website.

14. Can I set up a payment plan?

For billing and tuition inquiries please contact the UMN Crookston Business Affairs office: 1-800-862-6466 ext. 8325 or visit our billing and payment page.

15. Who do I contact for HELP?

Student questions relating to your UMN Crookston email account or Internet ID/password issues should be directed to the 1-Help at 1-612-301-4357.
Student questions relating to the MyU Portal or Moodle should be directed to the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology at 1-800-862-6466 ext. 8382.

16. What does regional accreditation mean?

Regionally accredited institution of higher education means a community college, college, or university which is a candidate for accreditation or is accredited by one of the following regional accrediting bodies.

17. Who may I contact for Disability Services?

Qualified students with disabilities who require academic accommodations must register with the Disability Resource Center.