Procedures for adding or canceling are different if you use web self-registration than if you are required to register in-person. Please refer to the current class schedule to determine the appropriate requirements and deadlines.

Understanding "W's"

During the fall and spring semesters, if you cancel a course during the first two weeks of classes, the record of your registration for that course will never appear on your transcript. (If you cancel all courses before the end of the second week, your transcript will carry a "canceled" notation.) If you withdraw from a course after the second week of the term, the course remains on your transcript with a grade of “W,” indicating that you registered for the course but withdrew.

"W's" and satisfactory academic progress

It is important to remember that, according to federal financial aid guidelines, the credits for classes from which you’ve received a “W” are attempted credits and are calculated into your credit completion ratio. Should you fail to complete the required percentage of attempted credits, you could be placed on financial aid probation or suspension. You can read more about credit completion ratios at Satisfactory academic progress standards for financial aid recipients.

"W's" on your transcript

"W's" do not affect your GPA, and a limited number of "W's" on your transcript should not be viewed as negative in relation to your entire academic career. However, if your transcript displays multiple "W's" — in particular, for repeated withdrawals from a single course — it may raise concern with potential employers, graduate schools, and professional schools.