Domestic Violence during COVID-19

Image text: You do not have to stay in an unsafe home. Help, protection orders, and sexual assault exams are still available. You are not alone.Our University of Minnesota community is going through a difficult time.  We are very thankful that our leaders are taking COVID-19 seriously, but we are also concerned that victims/survivors in Minnesota and throughout our country may be cut off from the resources and support they need.

Crisis situations always have a heavy impact on victims/survivors of violence, especially those who are also members of marginalized communities (such as people of color, LGBTQI+ folks, people with lower incomes). Likewise, we expect that COVID-19 will increase risk factors for violence and isolate victims/survivors.

The following resources were created to both raise awareness and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on victims/survivors.

Resources & Tools for Victims/ Survivors of Violence During COVID-19

Local Resources:

Community Health
24 hour Crisis Number 1-800-342-7756
310 S. Broadway, Crookston, MN

Northwest Mental Health Center
24 hour Crisis Number 1-800-282-5005