Before the semester begins:

  • Prospective student visits
  • Assistance with faculty contacts concerning classroom accommodations
  • Advocacy for access needs
  • Individualized building orientation tours
  • Priority registration (option) for qualified students
  • Accommodations for some sensory disabilities should be determined as soon as possible before the semester begins so that services outside the university may be procured if needed.

NOTE: Inquiries related to the availability of interpreter or captioning services should be initiated several months prior to enrollment because of limited availability of services in this area. UMC can work with remote real-time captioning services to meet the accommodation needs.

In the On-Campus Classroom:

  • Assistance arranging for peer note taker or permission for taped lectures
  • Access assistance for physical disabilities
  • Adjustable work stations
  • Alternative print formats/ screen reader resources
  • Classroom accommodations / room rescheduling assistance

In the Online Classroom:

  • Testing accommodations

  • Online tutoring

  • Online Writing Center assistance

  • Access to web based applications for disabilities

  • Alternative print formats/ screen reader resources

Out of the Classroom:

  • Peer tutoring assistance (Student Success Center)

  • Testing services for those with accommodations

  • Advocacy for special needs

  • Individual counseling and/or support groups

  • Technology Help Desk

  • Resources for specialized computer software and some equipment loans

  • Assistance with on-campus housing needs

  • Referral to outside agencies for additional services not available at UMC

Additional Services

  • Provisional accommodations for one semester while student is exploring an undocumented disability. Note: Students with unaddressed disability concerns should come to the DRC as soon as possible.

  • Housing and Dining Services Accommodations

  • Suggestions for Success

  • Disclosure Recommendations

  • Resources and Links

  • Employment Search Resources

Students with access or accommodation issues NOT addressed should contact the Disability Resource Center.