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Current News:

Welcome back! I am excited to note, that we are working on an online Course Request form, and have plans to launch it this Fall 2013 for Course Request submission for Spring 2014 semester. Also, for those of you interested in creating a Moodle Site, please contact the UMC-CIHS office, and we will work with you to set one up.
*Qualified students with disabilities who require academic accommodations through UMC must register with the UMC Office for Students with Disabilities.
Site Visits - CIHS site visits are currently underway, if you would like to arrange for a CIHS representative to visit your high school, or discuss virtual site visits. Our new process has site visits being conducted once every one, two, or three years. Please check with the UMC-CIHS office to see when you are scheduled to have your site visited.
Class Visits - Bring your CIHS class to UMC for a campus visit, learn more in our class visits section.
**NEW**: We have updated our Library Resource page, and are excited to offer you additional and updated information, including a tutorial of how to access library resources and what resources you have access to. *Additionally, the Library system has been updated to the 'Discovery' (ALMA) tool to allow even more access to UofM databases and documents. The updated page can be accessed through the Instructor Resource page by clicking on Library Resources.
**Coming Soon**: The UMC Library will soon be adding a live chat to their website, offering quick answers to your questions. We will add a link to our Library Resources page once it is available.

Upcoming Events:

Virtual Site Visits: As a new and improved way to conduct Site Visits, we had conducted Virtual Site Visits in the Fall of 2011 and Spring of 2012; and continued in the Fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013 where we determined a rotating process for going forward. Thank you to all who have participated with these site visits; they have proven to make the program stronger through peer-to-peer Faculty collaboration. We are in the process of finishing up the review of courses that have not been reviewed in the past 2 years; and following up with recommendations from those conducted Site Visits. We appreciate your continued collaboration with these efforts.
CIHS Workshop Opportunity: Monday, June 2nd, 2014!

*College in the High School 2013-2014 late withdraw/drop fee:
Any UMC College in the High School (CIHS) student wishing to drop/withdraw from a UMC-CIHS course after the last day to drop a course must submit a letter of petition to the UMC Center for Adult Learning ( This petition form will then be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for appropriate processing. A $50.00 fee for late registration and/or withdraw will be charged per student, per school. This petition does not guarantee admission or registration.