Referring Students for Student Counseling Services

If a student is displaying behavior which is threatening to self or others, reports plans to harm self and/or others, or is displaying threatening behavior, please dial 911.  

If you are working with a student who is experiencing significant distress, appears to be having difficulties managing stress, and/or experiencing difficulties managing mental health symptoms, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Encourage and discuss counseling services available at UMC. If the student is interested in counseling services they can make an appointment with Jodi Ramberg via email, ( or phone 218-281-8571, or Christen Schoenborn  via email, ( or phone 218-281-8348, who will schedule a student with an assessment.

Students have the right to decide if they want to engage in counseling services. Although students may appear to benefit from counseling services, they are the only ones who can make that decision. Counseling staff cannot contact a student unless there is an immediate risk of harm to self or others, in which case, crisis intervention strategies may be implemented.

Step 2: Once the student has completed the intake assessment, the student will be scheduled for a telecounseling assessment with a counselor. Ongoing telecounseling services throughout spring 2020 semester will be provided if the student decides to continue counseling and if the counselor finds necessary.

*Note: Counseling staff cannot disclose any session content without the student’s permission and signed release of information.  Counseling staff cannot confirm or deny student information including whether the student is receiving services or has received services in the past unless the student gives written or verbal permission. Student’s confidentiality will not be kept if and when the student reports and/or appears to be planning to harm to himself/herself, harm to others, or is aware of children or dependent adults who are being abused. The counselor is legally bound to break confidentiality in order to provide individuals with the assistance they need which is discussed with student in first session.