In each academic school year the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education Department and UMC Faculty work with HS Instructors teaching CIHS courses, to conduct one Site Visit or Virtual Site Visit per course offered, to every participating school district.

Site Visits include general academic communication; student and instructor Q&A's; information on the current collegiate environment; and tasks pertaining to admissions, registration, scholarships, transcripts and more.

This fall, as it is necessary to have a campus faculty member conduct one site visit to your class each year, we will again embark on the project of offering Virtual Site Visits, to accomplish this task. Given the time and distance between many of our locations, it has become apparent that digitally recording a class session in your classroom, and then having a UMC faculty member review and discuss it with you over the phone, will be a more sufficient means of accomplishing this task. This change was described in detail in a letter sent February 22, 2011, and again at the June 6, 2011 CIHS Workshop. We are now at the time where we need to soon begin planning for these virtual site visits. We will be contacting you soon to set a time and date to virtually visit your classroom!

However, if you have question, or would like to arrange a CIHS site visit, please contact us at or 218-281-8677.