Prospective Schools, Instructors and Students

The College in the High Schools program offers numerous benefits to students, teachers, and school districts, creating a winning situation and great opportunities for all involved.

Prospective Schools, Instructors and Students


  • Earn college credit without leaving their high school campus
  • Develop college-level skills in critical thinking and writing via University of Minnesota, Crookston curriculum and university-level discourse
  • Demonstrate their learning over an entire semester, not just on a single, high-stakes test


  • Attend faculty development workshops led by U of M, Crookston faculty coordinators who present continuously updated information
  • Develop professional relationships and sharing ideas and techniques with CIHS instructors and faculty coordinators
  • Re-energize themselves through collaboration with other motivated colleagues

School Districts

  • Satisfy parent and student demand for on-site, college level courses withoutout losing significant state-support dollars
  • High quality professional development for CIHS instructors
  • Enjoy the benefits of partnering with an outstanding research and teaching university