Please Note:

  • Students need their Internet ID and password to submit evaluations. If a password is forgotten, please contact 1-HELP in the Twin Cities at 612-301-4357 for help.
  • If students do not know their internet ID, instructors can help.
    Note to Instructors: Student Internet ID's are located on your class lists in the email column before "".
  • Students are emailed a reminder and link to complete the SRT for each course in their MyU email.
  • Each student will only be able to submit one evaluation for the faculty member teaching each individual class. Do not use the “Enter” key during the evaluation. Click the “Submit Evaluation” button when the evaluation has been completed.
    Note to Instructors: An individual student’s responses are not identifiable. The MyU website is used to validate course registration only. The overall results of the evaluation are shared with the instructor 2 weeks after submission of final grades for the semester.

Ready to take the evaluation?

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your Student Internet ID and Password
  3. To open an evaluation form for a particular course, click on the link “Evaluation Form”. If the evaluation form is not available for a course, this column will show the word “Unavailable”. Once you have entered an evaluation for a course, this column will no longer be linked.
  4. Next you will see the actual evaluation with the course and instructor information at the top. Please respond to the questions, and enter any comments into the comment field. Once you have completed the evaluation to your satisfaction, click the “Submit Evaluation” button.
  5. You should receive a confirmation stating your entry was successfully submitted.