A telecommunication service, supported at UMC for ITV and Telecommunication, offers services for higher education, K-12, CIHS and more. If you have questions about the telecommunication services provided, please contact them at:

The Northwest Educational Technology System (NETS) is a consortium of public colleges in the northwestern Minnesota region who jointly govern & manage the telecommunications infrastructure serving member colleges.

NWLINKS Video Support 
Video Conferencing enables NWLINKS sites to enhance their curriculum, meet minimum enrollment goals, bring college courses to their communities, take electronic field trips, save staff travel time and expense, and facilitate professional development and training.

All NWLINKS sites are fully interoperable allowing for full access across NWLINKS and the rest of the Learning Network of Minnesota as well as out of network access.  Some NW-LINKS member schools are organized into clusters for the purpose of application, course planning, and coordination.

Features available for NWLINKS members include Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) capacity and web streaming and archiving of events.  Web streaming and archiving capabilities support course review for students, online curriculum development content and delivery, and access for homebound or out of area learners.