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Confidential Services

UMC Student Counseling Services supports students' self-awareness, skill building, mental health and wellbeing to foster success in meeting their academic goals and in life. Counseling services provides free confidential services.  Telecounseling services through the spring 2020 semester offer goal-oriented, short-term individual counseling to help you address personal, psychological, academic, and social concerns. The confidentiality of students in counseling is essential and is an issue that is addressed in the first session. Some issues cannot remain confidential. If someone appears to be planning harm to himself/herself, harm to others, or is aware of children or dependent adults who are being abused, the counselor is legally bound to break confidentiality in order to provide individuals with the assistance they need. Sessions remain confidential for students who have been sexually harassed or harassed based on race, sexual orientation, or religion. Student Counseling services can assist students with reporting an incident with the student’s permission.

If you and/or your counselor decide you would benefit from longer-term psychotherapy or other specialized services we do not offer, we will suggest alternative resources for you.  Students who have concerns that require longer-term counseling and those with chronic mental illnesses are served in the capacity deemed appropriate.

If you are referred to a community-based mental health provider, we will facilitate releases of information so that Counseling Services and your provider can share relevant treatment information and coordinate care planning. In order to share information with UMC entities, we will facilitate releases if and when necessary. We cannot share your information with anyone without your written consent, except in the cases identified above.