Are you just starting out in your career and searching for new skills?  Maybe you are looking to make a career shift and unsure where to begin planning? Are you looking to make new career connections?  Wherever you are in your career journey, Career Services is here to be a resource and a connector. Career Services hosts events throughout the year. We also promote events in our region hosted by others and are open to UMC students and alumni.

Upcoming Events

The University of Minnesota and employer partners host:

  • Information sessions for organizations around the world
  • Networking events
  • Practice interview sessions
  • Alumni panels 

Please visit Handshake for a full list of events. Sort by type, key word, career office, and more. 

Career Fairs are great opportunities for students looking to the future. They provide an excellent opportunity to connect students with employers to discuss or interview for current and/or future career-related employment and internship opportunities. To register for the following career fairs, login to HandshakeOr sign up if you are New to Handshake.


University of Minnesota Crookston 2022 Career and Internship Fair Save the Date for September 15, 2022

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Request a Workshop

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 “Know Before You Go” Are you interested in Career Fair attendance? Prepare for your career fair conversations. Establish goals, outcomes, and tips for success. This is not only for students preparing to enter the job market, but freshman and sophomores too.​ Invite your friends and come and hang out with me for a bit!​

"Audacious Moves; Your Plan for Designing your LIfe" Are you undecided in what you want for the future? Think audaciously and create your vision of what it could look like. Group workshop creating individual Vision Boards. Shared ideas, food, and camaraderie!

"Major & Career Exploration Quick Start Program" Undecided? Strategic Visioning for your Career Journey. Start with why.  Finding what your personal why is will give you a GPS for everything that follows.

"Professionalism Defined" What does that mean? Every time you go out, you reflect an image that tells others how to treat you. Appearance is an important aspect of the impression you make with a current or future employer. In following with industry standards, we are encouraging students to attend all campus recruiting events in business casual or "smart" casual attire. Because someone's professional character can be built over time it is something you can start developing now as an undergraduate student.  But how can you reflect your true self in the business world within a cultural context? Let's talk.

"Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews" Perhaps this would be up your alley? Once completed, you can submit your resume, cover letter, CV, personal statement, and/or diversity statement for final review through our Writing Center website.

"SAIL: A Career Explorer Series for UMC Students" Feeling lost at sea with life, career plans, and the future? Get clarity and confidence in 4 sessions with a Career Consultant. The Career Explorer Series provides you with a structured and personalized setting to explore your interests and careers. Our program will have you explore many aspects of who you are and identify the strategies that will bring you the life that you want! (Currently in Development)

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Applying to Law School

This webinar is open to all U of M students and alums, especially for those who know they're going to law school and would like guidance about the application process. We'll discuss application materials and deadlines, as well as how to prepare your application materials so that you're the best law school applicant you can be.

Thursday, October 6, 4-5pm Central Time

Watch a recorded version of this webinar from August 2022. 

Personal Statements 101

This is a great webinar for students or alums interested in learning the basics of preparing a personal statement, how it is used in the admissions process, how to choose a topic and begin writing, and how you can get feedback on your draft. Learn more about personal statements.

Tuesday, October 18th, 4-5pm Central Time

Watch a recording of this webinar from August 2022


You can also check out a full roster of employer events in Handshake


The career fairs listed below are the major local and regional fairs UMC students typically attend.  

Fall Semester

University of Minnesota Crookston 2022 Career and Internship Fair Save the Date for September 15, 2022


    • Campus & Community Part-Time Job Expo (End of August)
      Wellness Center
    • UMC Job & Internship Fair (September
    • Graduate & Professional School Fair (DATE TBD)


  • Career Expo (September)

Spring Semester

    • University of Minnesota Job & Internship Fair (End of February)
      Minneapolis Convention Center (Virtual for 2022)
    • Minnesota Education Job Fair (End of April)
      Huntington Stadium  


    • Agriculture, Business and Liberal Arts Expo (Early February)
    • Engineering, Design, Science and Technology Expo (Early February)


    • Business, Aviation and Liberal Arts Fair (Early February)
      UND Memorial Union Ballroom
    • Computer Science, Engineering & Technology Fair (Early February)
      UND Memorial Union Ballroom

Tri-College (MSUM, Concordia, NDSU)

    • Tri-College Education Fair (Early April)
      Location Varies