Entrepreneurship Careers

Entrepreneurship Careers

The demand for new entrepreneurs is essential for the country’s economic growth. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), firms with less than 500 employees, comprise the great majority of private sector jobs in Northwest Minnesota. Entrepreneurship majors not only intelligently and astutely prepare to launch and grow their own business, but also equip themselves with highly transferable skills important to any organizational context. They also often have a special creativity and persistence that help them keep moving ideas forward.

Graduates of UMC’s major in Entrepreneurship will be particularly well-suited to employment in local, regional, and state economic development agencies. This is because they will have become well-acquainted with programs available to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses at various stages of development, and how to properly utilize them. This degree also provides a solid training ground for career positions in commercial banking, particularly at institutions that frequently utilize Small Business Administration (SBA) loan guarantee programs.

While it can often entail starting a new business, a career-track in entrepreneurship exists in nearly every industry or organization. Entrepreneurs work to develop ideas, create and refine products and services, and grow companies and industries. They sometimes, but not always, work for a family-owned business or for themselves, but many work within traditional companies and organizations. Entrepreneurial skills are valued in every industry, so opportunities are nearly endless.

Prospective jobs for Entrepreneurship graduates include:

  • Small Business Owners and Franchise Managers
  • New Venture Developers
  • E-Commerce Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and Sales Representatives
  • "Work at Home" Business Owners or “One-Person Firms”
  • Business Consultants
  • Commercial Bankers
  • Business Reporters and Recruiters
  • Fundraisers and Development Officers
  • Positions in Research and Development