Criminal Justice Careers

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Criminal Justice Careers

Employers that hire criminal justice majors not only want qualified and knowledgeable individuals with respect to their discipline, but also seek employees who understand diverse groups and who are prepared to work in a complex environment.

Graduates can expect to find employment in various areas of the criminal justice field such as:

  • A stopped sheriff carcorrections, law enforcement & probation officers
  • sheriffs & sheriff deputies
  • lawyers
  • detectives and investigators
  • judges and hearing officers
  • forensic scientists
  • conservation and gaming officers
  • fraud investigators
  • border patrol
  • bailiffs
  • compliance officers and inspectors
  • fire inspectors
  • court clerks
  • dispatchers
  • A forensic investigator at a crime sceneparalegals
  • animal control officers
  • security guards
  • crossing guards

Average Salaries

The average salary for positions within this major was approximately $55,010 (2010), depending on experience. For a list of detailed salary trends within this field visit

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