The CAP (Capturing Academic Potential) Scholars Program is designed for students who show academic promise, but who may be lacking skills in a particular area. Special programs and assistance are available to all CAP Scholars through the Academic Success Center.

All CAP Scholars are required to enroll in either GNED 1000 (on-campus students) or GBUS 1005 (online students) during their first semester at UMC. CAP Scholars are limited to a maximum of 15 credits during their first semester.

CAP Scholars are on academic probation during their first semester. This means that they cannot self-register for classes or add additional classes; their academic adviser must enroll them.

During the first week of classes, CAP Scholars must complete the Academic Action Plan PDF File Icon and go over it with their academic adviser AND the director of the Academic Success Center. Each scholar will have the opportunity to tailor the plan to the student’s unique needs to help ensure a successful start to college.

On-campus CAP Scholars are expected to spend at least two hours/week in supervised study time in the Academic Success Center. Completion of these hours is an important condition of the program, and can affect your ability to remain in school if you do not attain a minimal grade-point average during your first semester. Failure to complete the required study hours forfeits a student's ability to appeal suspension. To check your study hours, click here.

Throughout the semester, various workshops will be held on topics such as time management, using technology on campus, testing skills, etc. CAP Scholars are expected to attend at least two of these workshops as a condition of their admission. 

Online CAP Scholars are required to check in with the online tutoring coordinator once a month or as arranged. 

The CAP Scholar program is a one-semester program.  Students either move into good academic standing, or are suspended. Those who attain good academic standing will have no notation on their transcripts that they were admitted on probation.