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The 2020 election is bound to be an exciting one! Get yourself informed about how to vote, important dates, political news and candidate information!

General Election

General Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Minnesotans will vote for U.S. President, U.S. Representative, Minnesota State Senator and Minnesota State Representative. Other offices that might be on the ballot include County Commissioner, City Officers, School Board members and Township Officers.


How to Vote

How to Vote

The process of participating in elections is simple, register and vote. How? When? Where? These are questions we will answer on this page.

Voter Registration

Register Online    Other Ways to Register    FAQs

Voting Options

Election Day Voting    Vote Early/Absentee    Voting While Away/Abroad

Where Do I Vote

Residential Students   Off-Campus Students   Poll Finder

Candidate Information

Candidate Information

Here are some great resources to learn more about candidates for the upcoming election.

2020 Minnesota Candidate Information

Learn more about all the elections happening in Minnesota in 2020.

2020 Presidential Candidate Information

Learn more about the 2020 Presidential Candidates.


Mix of Political Party Logos

Which Political Party Do You REALLY Support?

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Current Political News

Current Political News

Minnesota Election News

National Election News

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