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Faculty & Staff Profile

Christo Robberts

Senior Lecturer (retired)
Business Department

Research Interests

  • Product development: dairy, meat and cereal

  • Wheat quality

Awards, Distinctions, and Honors

  • 2008 Distinguished Teaching Award

  • Awarded the Technikon Witwatersrand Merit Bonus in 1993

  • Received a grant from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation to do a feasibility study on food fermentation 2006.

  • Received the AST citation for the work with Marvin Windows and Doors 2002

  • Received the Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Award for senior researchers at Technikons in 1992.

Selected Publications

  • "Automated determination of proteolytic enzymes and of amino nitrogen by use of trinitobenzenesulfonic acid" by C.A. Adams, T.C. Robberts and K.C. Butler Analytical Biochemistry, Vol 70, 1976

  • "Developing Entrepreneurship During the Training of Food Technologists" by T.C. Robberts, Poster presented at 1995 IFT Annual Meeting 1995

  • "Interactive Learning and Assessment Modules to Enhance Classroom and Electronically Delivered Courses" by T.C. Robberts and JM Sims, Poster presented at the 1997 IFT Annual Meeting

  • "ISO 9000 The Apex of Quality? by T.C. Robberts, Paper presented at the Red River Trade Corridor Conference in Winnipeg 1996

  • "Managing the Internet in Research, Analysis and Assessment" by T.C. Robberts and JM Sims, Paper presented at the NACTA Conference 1997

  • "Separation of Phenolics of Sorghum bicolor (Linn.) moench grain" by W.Z. Kaluza, R.M. McGrath, T.C. Robberts and H.H. Schr�der, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Vol 28, 1978

  • "The biochemistry of germinating sorghum" by L, Novellie, K.C. Butler and T.C. Robberts, Opening address at the International Cereal and Bread Congress in Winnipeg, Canada, 1978

  • "The mode of protein breakdown in the graminea" by L. Novellie, K.C. Butler and T.C. Robberts, Poster at the Biochemical Society, 1977

  • Patented a recipe for instant custard (Patent no SA93-6223) 1993

  • Took out a preliminary patent for a low energy value (87kJ/20kCal per serving) engonometric chocolate beverage 1989