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Waste Audit Results

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Friday, October 19, 2018
The Sustainable YoU, Sustainable World class conducted a waste audit of the various academic areas: classrooms, office areas, and common spaces.  In all cases recycling items were found in the trash and some trash in the recycling bins. waste audit
Some things you can do to help our goal of improving our waste stream:
  • Utilize reusable items (water bottles, lunch containers, etc...)
  • Recycle!  If you're not sure what is recyclable in this community, check out the attached guidelines.  Some of the common problems we found were 1) Food waste on recyclable items and 2) not removing the caps from beverage containers.
Percent of Recycling in Trash:

Offices - 13 percent

Common Spaces - 22 percent

Classrooms - 6.7 percent

The class offers a challenge to everyone on campus as you to look into your trash can, ask yourself if everything needs to be there or if you can make a change.  Together we can make a difference!


Elizabeth Tollefson

University Relations


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