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U of M, Crookston Junior Alex Buscher, Merrifield, Minn., spends Summer Internship working with Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alex Buscher, a junior majoring in business management at the University of Minnesota wemimo_a and_buscher_a.jpgCrookston, recently acquired an internship working in part with the University in the Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership (NWRSDP). Arriving at UMC as a freshman, Alex sought the field of business after considering other options. With a strong feeling that a business degree would offer greater career flexibility, she has continued her exploration as both a student and future professional.  

During her experience thus far at the U of M, Crookston, Buscher has been involved in many clubs and activities such as Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), where she has held positions as vice president, president, and currently treasurer.

"I like exploring and that's what I'm doing in my major at UMC" said Buscher. "At the same time I intend to do the same in my clubs and activities as well."

Buscher, a 2010 Brainerd High School graduate, started applying for internships in the fall of 2011 to just about anywhere that offered an internship position relative to the business field.  She learned about the NWRSDP internship via e-mail sent by Jack Geller, head of the Liberal Arts and Education Department on the Crookston campus, which notified Alex and corresponding business students of an opening in the NWRSDP. At that point, Buscher wasted no time in responding to the e-mail request and was interviewed and later accepted for the internship.

"I really wanted this on-campus internship. I was excited about it and do love the idea of sustainability since it's highly relevant in our world today," Buscher said.

Working inside the NWRSDP office, Buscher is joined by fellow U of M, Crookston students Abbey Wemimo, Tashi Gurung, and Kate Holmquist. While each of the students has his or her own job description, Buscher finds herself exploring her career field while assisting with technology-oriented tasks on a daily basis. Helping the office extend their projects to the Web allows Buscher to utilize, learn, and apply new methods of technology she acquired over the course of her education and internship.

buscher_wemimo_with_rozell.JPGCurrently, Buscher is video editing a series of Interactive Television (ITV) lectures broadcast this spring on more than eight campuses entitled "Local Food College." The goal of the lectures was to educate the surrounding communities on practices in gardening, agriculture, backyard poultry, and vegetable production to name a few. However, while the videos served an educational purpose, a need arose for compilation and editing of the videos to extend beyond the intended lectures. Recognizing the need, Buscher was given the video files and asked to compile them using the knowledge she attained thus far. These kinds of opportunities make her internship a relevant, real-world experience for her and one that benefits her employer as well.

To learn more about the Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership and how sustainability is applied across the Northwest region visit To learn more about the business major at the U of M, Crookston, visit

Abbey Wemimo and Alex Buscher talk about their internships with NWRSDP:

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In the photos, at top: NWRSDP summer interns Abbey Wemimo (left) and Alex Buscher (right) are shown here in their respective offices at the University of Minnesota Crookston campus

Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership summer interns Abbey Wemimo (left) and Alex Buscher (middle) sit down for an interview with e-communications and public relations assistant Sean Rozell (right) to discuss their current internship positions and personal backgrounds.

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