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U of M, Crookston Gains Approval for Two New Majors; Business Department to Offer Bachelor's Programs in Marketing, Quality Management

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents recently granted approval to the University of Minnesota, Crookston to offer two new bachelor's degree programs.  Coursework for the two programs--the Bachelor of Science in Marketing and the Bachelor of Manufacturing Management in Quality Management--is set to begin in January 2010.  A minor in marketing was also approved.

Both of the new degree programs will be offered on the campus as well as entirely online, bringing the number of online degree programs the Crookston campus offers to six. 

The U of M, Crookston's new marketing program builds on the strengths the campus has developed within its Business Department.  For many years, students have had the option of selecting a marketing emphasis within the bachelor's degree program in business management, but strong student interest, faculty expertise, and strategic planning to widen program offerings led campus leaders to pursue a full degree program. 

Business Department Head Susan Brorson, Ph.D., said, "We have been attracting an increasing number of students--both online and traditional students--into our business programs.  There has been a great deal of interest in a full-fledged bachelor's program in marketing, and we are pleased we can now offer that option to our students." 

Brorson believes the program is also attractive to transfer students who have completed associate degrees from regional technical and community colleges and who see the value in pursuing their bachelor's degree in marketing at the Crookston campus.  "There is no question the University of Minnesota is highly regarded as a brand name in education.  We look at that reputation as a benchmark for quality, and we work hard to exceed expectations. Our programs reflect our commitment to an exceptional student experience, and I believe our alumni as well as prospective students recognize that."

Since the mission of the campus involves offering students an applied, career-oriented education, the new marketing program has a strong connection to current marketing practices from today's information-rich business climate.  Technology is also directly integrated into the curriculum through the U of M, Crookston's laptop computer initiative, and that focus is clear in classes that lend directly to new and emerging marketing practices facilitated over the Internet.  Courses like Integrated Marketing Communication, Internet Marketing, Brand Management, and International Marketing reflect the contemporary, real-world aspects and the entrepreneurial nature of the program.

The second new degree program, quality management, also reflects a strong tie to today's workplace.  With a solid foundation in the U of M, Crookston's emerging strength in manufacturing management, this new degree exposes students to the global environment and prepares graduates for quality management positions in the manufacturing industry as well as in state and federal regulatory agencies.

The curriculum focuses on business operations, product functions, quality and cost analysis, as well as consumer expectations and profitability.  The degree program was designed to respond to increasing employer demand for professionals who possess a background in manufacturing techniques and who understand the roles and responsibilities in assuring high standards of product or service quality.  Many companies that outsource production have discovered the need for more stringent quality assurance of products, especially those made in foreign countries, causing an increased need for graduates with a background in quality management.

While the program will be offered on campus in a more traditional learning environment, it is a perfect fit to offer online as well.  Christo Robberts, M.B.A., explained, "This program is tailored to technical and community college graduates in industrial and business fields who have considerable experience in manufacturing or in other processing environments.  It is especially tailored to those working adults who would like to become part of the quality management team within their workplaces." 

The U of M, Crookston has demonstrated expertise in online education, and it has seen significant growth in enrollment in its online offerings. The number of students taking online courses has continued to grow as more degree programs are offered entirely online and as more students--many of whom are already in the workforce--discover the benefits of online study and the prestige of a University of Minnesota degree. 

Information, including course requirements, about the two new programs is available online at and, respectively.

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