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Taking Off from her Own Back Yard

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Monday, April 23, 2018

Sometimes, the obvious choice is the very best one. For senior Kennedy Resendiz, choosing the University of Minnesota Crookston was not only the best choice, it was the perfect choice for her. Resendiz in Thailand

Resendiz grew up in Crookston and graduated from the Crookston High School. She knew she wanted to major in animal science with a pre-vet emphasis and attending the U of M Crookston offered her the preferred degree as well as the scholarships to help make it work.

She has spent a lot of time shadowing veterinarians in the area and is currently working with Assistant Professor Leslie Lekatz on a research project. “We are feeding sheep barley malt culm, a powdery substance we add to the feed of five ewes along with their corn and oats,” she explains. “We will be studying how this additional protein affects them and their offspring.”

The other thing that has dominated Resendiz’s experience at the U of M Crookston is studying abroad. In May 2016, she took her first study abroad trip to France studying ag marketing and processing. That trip was only two weeks, but her second trip took her to Thailand for a semester with Loop Abroad. One of the most outstanding memories for her was two weeks working in elephant medicine and studying marine life which included watching tiny sea turtles make their way back to the water.

Kennedy ResendizIn July 2017, Resendiz headed back to Thailand when she had the chance to serve as a trip leader with Loop Abroad on a high school study abroad trip in veterinary medicine.  This spring, she will spend two weeks in Ireland and Scotland with Professor Rachel McCoppin and focus on the humanities.

 “It is great to focus on your area of study, but it is also important to experience culture, history, literature, and the like. It’s the reason why I am really excited for my trip in May,” Resendiz says. Loop Abroad has offered her the chance to travel Australia later this summer as one of their ambassadors.

“Studying abroad changes you and your perspective,” Resendiz says. “You gain a broader global awareness, and I believe it will give me an edge as I apply for veterinary medicine programs and whatever else I choose to do in my life. The greatest lessons you learn studying abroad are really about you as a person. I came back a better me.”

When she has a chance, the one place Resendiz would like to go is the Galapagos Islands. “I want to lie on the beach, eye-to-eye with a Galapagos tortoise,” she smiles. “I want to soak up their wisdom and study their faces.”Resendiz in student center

Involvement on campus includes serving as president of both the Pre-Vet Club and the Study Abroad Club, serving as a Student Orientation Staff Leader, and tutoring in any area there is need.

The close relationships she has developed with her professors are one the great advantages Resendiz feels she has had attending school in her own backyard. “I am always guaranteed a ‘hi’ in the hallway, and when I wanted to do research, all I had to do was let someone know, and an opportunity came my way,” she says. “I have been given so many opportunities, and all you have to do here is express interest.

“I would not change anything about my decision to go to school here,” she continues. “In fact, I wish everyone could experience education like this.”

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Top photo, right, Kennedy Resendiz in Thailand on one of her study abroad trips. 


Elizabeth Tollefson

University Relations