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Students Named to Fall Semester 2015 Deans List

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Students named to the fall semester 2015 Deans List at the University of Minnesota Crookston were announced by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.
To qualify for a place on the Deans List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer. 
The following students were named to the fall semester Deans List:
Abouzeid,Ismail Hassan International Business B S
Adeniyi,Timilehin Kolade Software Engineering B S
Adney,Nicholas Robert Finance B S
Ahlf,Laura Jean Health Management B S
Albrecht,Nathaniel James Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Al-Twaijri,Haitham Software Engineering B S
Anderson,Joshua E Agronomy B S
Anderson,Mary Angele Accounting B S
Anderson,Whitney Mae Early Childhood Education B S
Arnold,Anthony W Natural Resources B S
Arnold,Joseph D Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
Beatty,Kaylin Renee Equine Science B S
Beistad,Derek Andrew Communication B S
Bellerue,Kimberly Denelle Accounting B S
Berekvam,Ashley Applied Health B A H
Berner,Aeric L Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Bialac,Michelle Elizabeth Manufacturing Mgmt/Quality Mgmt B M M
Blad,Shawn A Accounting B S
Bolstad,Susan Eunhye Marketing B S
Borgerding,Lee R Agricultural Business/Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
Buchhop,Heather J Animal Science/Biology B S
Burg,Kelley Kristian Agronomy B S
Burmeister,Melissa Health Management B S
Cha,Nou Criminal Justice B S
Choi,So I Biology/Environmental Sciences B S
Church,Kenzie Management/Marketing B S
Cichy,Savanna S Animal Science B S
Cole,Stephanie M Equine Science B S
Connole,Christina Mae Applied Health B A H
Crane,Madison D Early Childhood Education B S
Cross,William K Management B S
Dai,Li Management B S
Dang,Van Ngoc Tuong Ngoc Tuong Health Management B S
Davis,Anneka Amina Health Management B S
de Souza Conceicao,Aline Non Degree
De Velde,Abigail Samantha Info Technology Mgmt/Software Engineering BS
DeMartelaere,Hana R Animal Science B S
Derflinger,Jordyn Brooke Elementary Education B S
Engelkes,Gabriella Marie Accounting B S
Erickson,Kali Jo Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Erickson,Reanne E Animal Science B S
Erickstad,Sara Ione Applied Health B A H
Evans,Saul Thaddeus Manufacturing Management B M M
Feragen,Joy May English B S
Fosse,Anna Claire Management B S
Frahm,Erin Joann Accounting B S
Gau,Danielle Jordan Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Gibbons,Maggie M Natural Resources B S
Grams,Alisha Natural Resources B S
Greenberg,Zachary Noah Sport &Recreation Mgmt B S
Grefthen,Bryanna Biology B S
Greiner,Blake William Agronomy B S
Guan,Lili Software Engineering B S
Hagen,Kaycie Tierra Biology/Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Haight,Colton Jeffrey Sport &Recreation Mgmt B S
Hanson,Trent J Finance B S
Haroldson,Kay Lynn Accounting B S
Harris,McKenzie Lynn Early Childhood Education/Elementary Education B S
Haugen,Leanna D Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Hicks,Laura Marie Animal Science B S
Hill,Tori Jordyn Accounting B S
Hoeper,Andrea Elizabeth Finance B S
Hood,Jessica L Finance B S
Hu,Yuxiang Management B S
Huffman,Christopher M Agricultural Business/Agronomy B S
Hufford,Taylor A Animal Science/Natural Resources B S
Hughes,John David Entrepreneurship/Management B S
Hunt,Alexander James Finance B S
Huttner,Jessica Marie Accounting B S
Inacia Costa,Camila Non Degree
Johnson,Timothy James Accounting/Management B S
Jose,Nichole Lynn Applied Health B A H
Jubert,Alannah Marie Communication B S
Kempf,Alexander J Sport &Recreation Mgmt B S
Kermes,Sage Catherine Animal Science B S
Kerr,Ndidiamaka Health Management B S
Khoshaba,Alexis Siobhan Sport &Recreation Mgmt B S
Kill,Mitchell L Natural Resources B S
Kim,Jisu Biology B S
Kim,Ki Sun Communication B S
Kinsella,Kelsey Jayne Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Kleindl,T'mone Software Engineering B S
Knack,Jeffrey M Criminal Justice B S
Knickerbocker,Chase Richard Finance B S
Knutson,Zachary I International Business B S
Kobberdahl,Justin Natural Resources B S
Kobetsky,Natalye Joanne Agronomy/Management B S
Kohorst,Delaney P Management/Marketing B S
Kolden,Sarah Ann Management B S
LaCoursiere,Eli Richard Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Larson,Kevin Aaron Sport &Recreation Mgmt B S
LaSart,Alyssa Mae Animal Science B S
Lawrence,Brandon M Finance B S
Lee,Ashley S Accounting B S
Lee,You Bin Biology B S
LeGare,Colette A Management B S
Leuer,Sabrina Agri/NatRes-Undeclared
Lien,Austin Kyle Agronomy B S
Liu,Dong Management B S
Lockhart,Jonathan Edward Communication B S
Lu,Huan Management B S
Ma,Qianhong International Business B S
Ma,Tao Management B S
Maalim,Munira M Health Management B S
MacDowell,Rachel Marie Agronomy B S
Maiga,Moussa Harouna Marketing B S
Mancillas,Marissa English B S
Manning,Ashley M Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Mcdonald,Adam Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
McIntyre,Delaney Management/Sport &Recreation Mgmt B S
Mickelson,Gavin Jay Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Mills,Maggie Kathleen Animal Science B S
Moenkedick,Katrina Applied Studies B S
Morris,Bailey Rose Management B S
Mounsdon,Brook Maria Accounting B S
Nagel,Ethan Natural Resources B S
Nasimova,Benazir Ravshanovna Management B S
Nason,Elya Jane Accounting B S
Nelson,Chloe C Agricultural Business/Animal Science B S
Nelson,Evan D Natural Resources B S
Nelson,Kristi Accounting B S
Neville,Laura C Management B S
Nordman,Rachel A Management B S
Nyhus,R Nickolas Health Management B S
Nystad,Jessica D Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Oakes,Alexandra Elementary Education B S
Ogdahl,Alexandra Grace Animal Science B S
Pagliano,Alexander Communication B S
Parks,Dalton Sport &Recreation Mgmt B S
Pederson,Lauren Accounting B S
Pesek,Jaedyn Animal Science B S
Pinero,David Anthony Communication B S
Pipp,Cassandra Health Management B S
Powers,Justin D Animal Science B S
Prigge,Jessica Animal Science/Equine Science B S
Ramadan,Hashim Dek Health Management B S
Rasmussen,Dakota Rae Early Childhood Education B S
Resendiz,Kennedy Animal Science B S
Richman,Ryan Christian Agronomy B S
Rieland,Katelyn A Animal Science B S
Riveland,Hannah Ashling Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Robins,Crystal M. Information Technology Mgmt BS
Robinson,Selena Victoria Communication B S
Robinson,Trista Finance/Management B S
Rodriguez,Isabel M Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Roscoe,Jesse T Golf and Turf Mgmt B S
Roscoe,Rikki Communication B S
Rosen,Kara Management B S
Rynda,Ryan J Software Engineering B S
Santoyo,Alexis Cheyenne Elementary Education B S
Sarsar,Deli Software Engineering B S
Schaffer,Samantha Marie Health Management B S
Schneider,Melissa Anne Communication B S
Seiffert,Christopher John Accounting B S
Shol,Heidi R Environmental Sciences
Siciid,Axmed Health Management B S
Siegersma,Abby Natural Resources B S
Sikkink,Kaitlin Jo Biology B S
Silva,Danielle Health Management B S
Stadtherr,Amy Agricultural Business B S
Steeley,Emily Equine Science B S
Stith,Courtney Accounting B S
Stockinger,Erika Lynn Hovey Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Stone,Jessica Lynn English B S
Strickland,Brandon Marc Software Engineering B S
Stulen,Kyle Lewis Software Engineering B S
Stuttgen,Jacob Bryan Management B S
Swanson-Cullen,Derek Agronomy B S
Thapaliya,Pratima Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Thomas,Sara Jane Accounting B S
Thydean,Eric Software Engineering B S
Tjepkes,Thomas Natural Resources B S
Todavich,Hailee Agricultural Business B S
Trost,Sierra M Biology/Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Van Ruler,Kaitlin Agricultural Business/Animal Science B S
Vang,Nee Accounting B S
Vertina,Noelle Health Management B S
Viger,Alexander Aviation B S
Walsh,Tanner William Golf and Turf Mgmt/Horticulture B S
Weber,Lindsey Rose Hlth Sciences Pre Prof Tr B S
Wheeler,Tiffany Erin Accounting B S
Williams,Morgan E Elementary Education B S
Wolf,Kathryn Animal Science B S
Wright,David Accounting B S
Yang-Lor,Shirly Macy Accounting B S
Young,Selena S Equine Science B S
Ysen,Bonita Marie Finance B S
Zhang,Naying Management B S
Zhou,Yaqing Management B S


Elizabeth Tollefson
University Relations