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Students Recognized at Annual Student Awards Celebration

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Friday, April 28, 2017

Students achievement was recognized during the annual awards celebration in April. The program highlighted outstanding students in all departments and for volunteer service. With the student awards several faculty and staff members were recognized with awards voted on by the student body.  A photo gallery from the awards program is available here

Award recipients included: 

Ambassador of the Year Award

                Steven Gonzalez

Senior Honors Students

                Heather Buchhop, Kary Sheppard, Baillee Hauser, Kendra DuChaine,

Outstanding First-Year Biology Award

                Nicole Mazour

Outstanding Entrepreneurship Student Award

                Laura Smith

Harvard Global Case Competition

              Adam Burgess, Tori Hill, Chase Knickerbocker, Michelle Bialac, Zhiwei Xu,

Outstanding Marketing Student Award

                Rebecca Fitzpatrick

Outstanding Management Student Award

                Patti Blair, Yuxiang Hu, William Cross, and Delaney Kohorst

Outstanding Manufacturing Management Student Award

                 Michelle Bialac and Isabella Scafati

Outstanding Finance Student Award

                Tori Hill, Andrew Hoepner, Steven O’Niell, Julie Job Niest and Chase Knickerbocker

Outstanding Accounting Student Award

                Bailey Hauser, Lauren Pederson, Samantha Deutsch

Outstanding Entrepreneurship Student Award

                Andre Dubroc

Outstanding Sport and Recreation Management Student Award

                Justin Edstrom, Zach Greenberg, Mikayla Jones

Outstanding Communication Student Award

                Cassandra Morthera

Top Online Communication Student

                 Frank Lesinski

SOS Service Award

                Victoria Bayliss, Dalton Javner, Matt Nelson, Trina Wiesel, Isieoma Odor and Ryan Rynda

Outstanding SOS Leader

            Isieoma Odor and Ryan Rynda

Outstanding Turfgrass Student Award

             David Zapata

Turf Bowl Team Recognition

                David Zapata, Cody Pamperin, Ben Koisti, and Jake Butcher

John Polley Soil and Water Conservation Award

                Wyatt Sombke

The Wildlife Society Travel Award

                Justin Kobberdahl

Outstanding English Student Award

                Taeho Kim

Outstanding Animal Science Student Award

                Rebecca Suchy

Outstanding Equine Science Student Award

                Samantha Holcomb

Outstanding Animal Science/Equine Science/Pre-Vet Student

                DaKota Tilleras 

Ag Systems Management Student of the Year

                Emma Schmitz

Outstanding Horticulture Student Award

                MacKenzie Cochran       

Most Refined Horticulture Student

                Jace Rau

Outstanding Criminal Justice Student

                Luke Taschuk

Mestenhauser Award

                Karen Choi

 International Student Award

                Pratima Thapaliya, Cassandra Morthera, Yuxiang Hu, Tien Nguyen, and Karen Choi

Dale Knotek Community Service Award

                Accounting Club

President’s Volunteer Service Award

              Elizabeth Awender, Victoria Bayliss, Mitchell Barthel, Shane Boehne, Bailey Braatz, Brett Carlson,  Madison Crane, Steven Gonzalez, Taylor Harsha, Leanna Haugen, Joshua Heil, Dalton Javner, Mikayla Jones, Delaney Kohorst, Joseph Mutch, Matt Nelson, Bethany Novak, Idiroma Odor, Ryan Rynda, Monica                            Reichert, Megan Schultz, Ellie Shoquist, Tareyn Stomberg, Pratima Thapaliya, Ashley Torkelson, Jasmine Vorlicek, Anthony Walton, Trina Wiesel.

Student Volunteer of the Year Award

                Bailey Ylieniemi

International Student Volunteer Service Award

           Karen Choi, Pratima Thapaliya, Cassandra Morthera, Yuxiang Hu, and Tien Nguyen

Student Builder of Diversity Award

          Kevin Williams

Achievement in Music and Theater

                Shane Boehne, Ryan Rynda, Shaylin Goodrich, and Hannah Van Dyke

Peace Essay Contest Award

                Pratima Thapaliya, Yoonhee Cho, and Adam Connette

Longstanding Distinguished UMC Academic Success Center Tutor

                Baillee Hauser

College Reading & Learning Association Certified Tutor, Level 1

                DaKota Tilleras, Marta Dean, Tareyn Stomberg, Steph McWilliams, Trina Wiesel, Mikayla Jones, Trevor Long, Ryan Reynolds, Maggie Morales, Morgan Kresl, Tori Hill, Kasey Langhans

Computer Help Desk Award

                Jory Strack

Student Programmer Award

                Megan Schultz

Outstanding Service to Students with Disabilities

                Victoria Teskey

Outstanding CSA Senator Award

                Skyler Siegel

Outstanding CSA Voting Delegate

              Baillee Hauser and Kary Sheppard

Faculty Awards chosen by students: 

Outstanding Educator

                Matthew Loeslie

Most Supportive of Students

                Brian Dingmann

Outstanding Service to Students

                Jarvis Richardson

Student Achievement Awards

               Baillee Hauser, Trina Wiesel, Shane Boehne, Bailey Braatz, Ellen Dauphinais, Delaney Kohorst, Ryan Rynda, Kary Sheppard, Heidi Shol, Tareyn Stomberg, Karen Choi

Man and Woman of the Year

               Ryan Rynda and Tareyn Stomberg


Elizabeth Tollefson

University Relations