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UMN Crookston Celebrated Student Awards Through a Week Of Social Media Features

By Cassandra Morthera on
Wednesday, May 6, 2020

On Monday April 27 through Monday May 4 each and every recipient of a University of Minnesota Crookston student award was featured on all social media platforms. On the very last day, the Outstanding Student Achievement Award recipients were announced. The four recipients were  Emma Bliss, senior from Nevis, Minn. majoring in animal science, Eleaora DeMuth, junior from Grand Rapids, Minn. majoring in agricultural education and communication, Trevor Long fall graduate from Brooklyn Park, Minn. majored in Biology and Health Sciences, and Michaela Lano, senior from Chaska, Minn. majoring in Biology and Health Sciences. 

The outstanding student achievement award is the University of Minnesota Crookston’s most prestigious student award. Given out each year, since the early 1970’s, students are nominated by faculty and staff for their hard work and commitment to the University and the city of Crookston. This award is in recognition for honors, leadership, campus involvement, and community service.

Each student was asked to think about how they have grown in their leadership roles in the campus community as well as the Crookston Community. 

Senior Bliss believes UMN Crookston does a wonderful job of helping its students find their place and get to know more about themselves. “Thinking back to the scared, little freshman that I was that was able to transform into a confident senior heading off to vet school in the fall, I would say UMN Crookston played a huge role in my success. Personally, I have made so many meaningful connections and learned useful skills that I can transfer to my future career. I have been able to take on responsibility through leadership positions in various clubs and helped underclassmen on their journey. Crookston has that small community feel throughout the school as well as the town, so I always felt very much at home and safe living in the land of the sugar beets! I wouldn't have wanted to spend my undergraduate career anywhere else!” stated Bliss.

For DeMuth, the University of Minnesota Crookston has been a launchpad for her and her growth. “It has provided the best people who have invested in me, the resources to guarantee success, and the opportunities to create my future. I believe that any success comes from two components - the goals you strive for no matter the difficulty, but more importantly, the community who supports you in the process. I cannot be more thankful for the joyful moments UMN Crookston has given me, and the individuals who knew I could do it even before I did” explained DeMuth.

Long felt as though Crookston gave him an opportunity to develop in ways that you could not find anywhere else. As Long further mentioned, “having the ability to do as much as I did on campus was truly a defining part of my time as a student. Crookston gave me the chance to develop into the best version of myself by allowing me to participate, and giving me the resources necessary to excel, in academics, athletics, and in the community. In terms of my future, I will use the skills that I have developed to pursue a PhD (in biology) at the University of North Dakota in the fall of 2020. I have no doubts that Crookston went above and beyond in helping me achieve my goals.”

While attending UMN Crookston Lano, experienced a vast amount of personal and professional growth. “When I first entered college, I was very unsure of my future. I struggled quite a bit in my first few semesters. However, UMC's size allows for really close relationships with faculty, and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in research by a professor. Working on research with UMC faculty members reaffirmed my decision to enter the sciences, and improved my work ethic and confidence. I was even able to present my research at a national conference. Since then, I've been able to experience many different roles on campus. I've been a Teaching Assistant, Peer Tutor, STEM Club President, Peer Health Educator, Lead Writing Consultant, Highland Elementary STEM Club Instructor, and an Undergraduate Research Assistant. Each role has been a great opportunity to learn new skills, and to make new relationships. I am extremely thankful for the experiences I've had at UMC, and for the people that I've met along the way as well” stated Lano. 

Many UMN Crookston students were recognized during awards week. The full list by awards categories is below:

Student Name Award Name
Bruno Marques ASPIRE Sport Marketing Association Case Study presenter
Brendon Harris ASPIRE Sport Marketing Association Case Study presenter
Gregory Johnson ASPIRE Sport Marketing Association Case Study Presenter
Mika Rodriguez ASPIRE Sport Marketing Association Case Study presenter
Paige Pitlick Britton Kelly award nominees
Trevor Long Jr Britton Kelly award nominees
Paige Pitlick Female Outstanding Athlete
Kaitlin Sikkink Female Scholar Athlete of the year
Destiny Chikwem-Stanley Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Ashley Smith Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Bruno Marques Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Emmitt Stevens Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Greg Johnson Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Jared Davy Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Kenenna Okeke Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Melida Argueta Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Vinayak Sharma Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Noah Kalway Harvard Global Case Competition Award
Brock Pearson John Polley Soil and Water Conservation Award
Tyrese Shines Justin Knebel
Harrison Cleary Outstanding Male Athlete
Ben Thoma Male Scholar Athlete of the year
Marina Wiley Most Improved Horticulture Student
Alyssa Thomas (Volleyball) Myles Brand Awards
Bobby Chu (Baseball) Myles Brand Awards
Jacqueline Burke (Soccer) Myles Brand Awards
Kaitlin Sikkink (Volleyball) Myles Brand Awards
Kayla Stangeland (Cross Country) Myles Brand Awards
Logan Huso (Football) Myles Brand Awards
Meli Rodriguez (Volleyball) Myles Brand Awards
Paige Pitlick (Softball) Myles Brand Awards
Sabrina Leuer (Volleyball) Myles Brand Awards
Stephanie McWilliams (Women's Basketball) Myles Brand Awards
Tavia Lawson Myles Brand Awards
Will Cross (Football) Myles Brand Awards
Amber Kroll Outstanding Accounting Student Award
Melida Argueta Outstanding Accounting Student Award
Tavia Lawson Outstanding Accounting Student Award
Lydia Hansen Outstanding Animal Science Student
Magda Blumhardt Outstanding Animal Science, Pre-Veterinary Student
Jacqueline Burke Outstanding Communication Minor
Olivia Puttin Outstanding Communication Student
Bruno Marques Outstanding CSA Senator Award
Noah Kalway Outstanding CSA Voting Delegate Award
Bailey Bradford Outstanding English Student Award
Kristina Schroeder Outstanding Equine Science Student
Lauren Medina Outstanding Fiance Student Award
Noah Kalway Outstanding Fiance Student Award
Riley Ellsion Outstanding Fiance Student Award
Alyssa Stillman "Outstanding First-Year Biology Student Award
Brooke Benson "Outstanding First-Year Biology Student Award
Emmitt Stevens Outstanding Health Management Student
Muluselam Wolde Outstanding Health Management Student
Jacoby McConkey Outstanding Hort Student
Jared McLemore Outstanding Management Student
Lauren Medina Outstanding Management Student
Rachel Johnson Outstanding Management Student
Tanner Pahl Outstanding Management Student
Rhonda Walker Outstanding Manufacturing Management Student
Greg Johnson Outstanding Marketing Student
Rachel Johnson Outstanding Marketing Student
Bailey Bradford Outstanding Music and Theater Student Award
Christopher Lang Outstanding Music and Theater Student Award
Hannah Krueger Outstanding Music and Theater Student Award
Quincy Luedeke Outstanding Music and Theater Student Award
Adam Arrays Outstanding Online English Student Award
Amy Zappa Outstanding Online Marketing Student
Courtney Beyer Outstanding Online Marketing Student
Margaret Glime Outstanding Online Marketing Student
Sandeep Gambhirrao Outstanding Quality Management Student
Mark Mahre Outstanding Quality Management Student
Austin Walker Outstanding Service to Students with Disabilities
Gregory Johnson Outstanding Sport and Recreation Management Student
Eleora DeMuth Outstanding Student Achievement Award
Emma Bliss Outstanding Student Achievement Award
Michaela Lano Outstanding Student Achievement Award
Trevor Long Jr Outstanding Student Achievement Award
Connor Hubble Outstanding Student Employee of the Year
Thomas Oberle Outstanding Turfgrass Student Award
Ryan Greenwaldt Paul Aakre Agricultural Systems Management Student of the Year
Jennifer Marcus Spring Essay Contest 1st place
Tristan Robbins Spring Essay Contest 2nd place
Morgan Ehnert Spring Essay Contest 3rd place
Nikki Harsha Student Programmer of the Year
David Dunblazier The Wildlife Society Travel Award
Brady Nolan Turf Bowl Team Recognition
Brian Bekkala Turf Bowl Team Recognition
Thomas Oberle Turf Bowl Team Recognition
Ashley Watkins Volunteer of the year
Salman "SAM" Syed Volunteer of the year

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