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Student Awards Ceremony

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Monday, April 30, 2018

Student achievement was recognized during the annual awards celebration in April. The program highlighted outstanding students in all departments and for volunteer service. With the student awards, several faculty and staff members were recognized with awards voted on by the student body. A photo gallery of the student awards recipients is available here

Award recipients: 

UMC Essay Contest 2018 First Place – Shelly Till

UMC Essay Contest 2018 Second Place – Jeff Franck

UMC Essay Contest 2018 Third Place – Shane Boehne

Outstanding Learning Abroad Student Award- Kennedy Resendiz and Rhiannon Nicoll

Student Builder of Diversity Award -Derefaa Henry and Ayokunle Cline

Outstanding Turfgrass Student Award – Ben Koisti

Outstanding Music & Theater Student Award - Heidi Shol and Shane Boehne

Outstanding Future Educator Award - Whitney Anderson and Malena Rupprecht

Outstanding Agricultural Systems Management Student Award - Spenser Weber

Ag industries club president - Lacy Jacobson

Outstanding Animal Science Student – Malia Martin 

Outstanding Equine Science Student – Gabriel Antolak

Outstanding Animal & Equine Science Pre-vet student – Katie Warner

Norman Pankratz Memorial Conservation Award – Madeline Witt and Shane Boehne

John Polley Soil and Water Conservation Award – Alysha Dykhoff 

Outstanding Horticulture Student Award – Caleb Rempel

Most Refined Horticulture Student – Sabrina Leuer 

Outstanding First Year Biology – Boyce Harr

Outstanding Student in Environmental Sciences – Bryanna Grefthen

Outstanding Professional Scholar in Health Management Award – Elizabeth Quernemoen

Outstanding Senior in Health Management Award – Sarah Oyen

Outstanding Junior in Health Management Award – Callie Schapekahm

Outstanding Software Engineering Student Award – Christopher Lang

Outstanding English Student Award – Ariel LaPlante and Megan Franzen 

Outstanding Marketing Student Award – Mikayla Jones, Callie Schapekahm

Online Marketing Student – Michael Theisen, Camille Diamond, Danika Covlin

Outstanding Management Student Award – Ethan Johnson

Outstanding Entrepreneurship Student Award -  Brandon Rosamond

Outstanding Finance Student Award – Hailee Todavich

Outstanding Accounting Student Award – Hailee Rice and Tori Hill, and Summer Billings 

Outstanding Sport and Recreation Management Student Award – Mikayla Jones, Jason Angelo, and Jeremy Johnson

Outstanding Criminal Justice Student - Addaleigh Rodriguez Delgado

Computer Help Desk Award – Cierra Amerud

SOS Service Award – Taylor Harsha, Dalton Javner, Shane Boehne 

Outstanding SOS Leader    - Monika Reichert 

Rockstar Rookie Award – Ben Koisti

Ambassador of the Year – Ashley Rohr

Outstanding Communication Student Award - Cassandra Morthera and Emily Gruber

Online Communication Student Award – Linda Gross and Dustin Petersen

Student Programmer Award –McKenzie Harris 

President’s Volunteer Service Award - Cory Mathies, Shane Boehne, Taylor Harsha, and Tori Koch

Student Volunteer of the Year Award  - Shane Boehne

Outstanding Student Employee of the Year – Shane Boehne

Student Achievement Awards Morgan Kresl, Bryanna Grefthen, Caleb Rempel, Ben Koisti, Steven Gonzalez Kennedy Resendiz, Shane Boehne, Heidi Shol, and Megan Schultz

Man of the Year Shane Boehne

Woman of the Year Heidi Shol

Outstanding CSA Senator Award – Megan Schultz

Faculty/Staff Awards selected by the student body and presented by members of the CSA

Outstanding Educator – Margot Rudstrom

Most Supportive of Students – Elizabeth Tollefson

Outstanding Service to Students  -   Aaron Meyer      





Elizabeth Tollefson

University Relations