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Students named to Spring Semester 2018 Deans List

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Monday, June 4, 2018

Students named to the spring semester 2018 Deans List were recently announced by the Office of the Registrar at the University of Minnesota Crookston. The U of M Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation. logo

To qualify for a place on the Deans List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Students on the Deans List include:

Name Academic Plan
Ahern, Thomas Andrew Accounting
Albrecht, Nate Biology / Health Sciences
Altepeter, Ashley Ann Communication
Annis, Brittney Marie Communication
Armbruster, Aaron Natural Resources
Asp, Jared Andrew Agronomy
Aura, Stephen Information Technology Mgmt
Awender, Elizabeth Early Childhood Education
Babler, Alli Dawn Elementary Education
Badman, Bret Manufacturing Management
Bartels, Mackenzie Animal Science
Bauer, Quinn Alan Natural Resources
Bayliss, Victoria Early Childhood Education / Elementary Education
Benoit, Casee Kay Early Childhood Education / Elementary Education
Billings, Spencer Scott Agronomy
Bingham, Sadie Agricultural Education
Bjorge, Caroline Criminal Justice
Blumhardt, Magda Animal Science
Bly, Bri Management
Boogaard, Johanna R Animal Science / Equine Science
Boylan, Cortney Animal Science / Equine Science
Burg-Mattson, Autumn Health Management
Chandonnet, Ross Marketing
Cheatham, Quinton Delmar Information Technology Mgmt
Chiejina, Stephen Nnamdi Health Management
Cho,Yoonhee Biology
Clapper, Melissa Management
Clark, Cole Robert Finance
Coster, Tessa B Natural Resources
Cronk, Shelby Grace Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Cross, William K Finance / Management
Darnell, Brittany L Accounting
Darst, Andrew William Math/Sci/Tech-Undeclared
Davidson, Ava Elizabeth Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Davy, Jared Aaron Accounting
Davy, Robby Agricultural Business
Dellrocco, Erin Accounting
Demarco, Anthony Michael Management
DeMartelaere, Hana Animal Science
DeMuth, Eleora Joy Agricultural Education / Communication
Dick, Savanna Animal Science
Dlouhy, Natalia Communication
Drayna, Madeline Sue Agricultural Business / Animal Science
Ebacher, Tasita Information Technology Mgmt
Ellefson, Chelsea Agricultural Business
Emanuel, Hannah Brynn Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Erickson, Reanne E Animal Science
Evavold, Alyssa Kate Agricultural Business / Equine Science
Fitzpatrick, Mikayla M Health Management
Frame, Monika Solveig Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Franzen, Megan L Communication / English
Freund,Rachel Marie Exercise Sci and Wellness
Fyle, Carly Jane Management
Ganfield, Timothy D Finance
Garry, Jessica Management
Gebhardt,Briar Simone Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Goodsell, Ross Aaron Applied Health
Gores, Mark Brendan Software Engineering
Grack, Cheri Lynn Accounting
Gresham, Deaira Health Sciences
Groff, Brian James Information Technology Mgmt
Gross, Austin David Software Engineering
Gruber, Emily Communication
Gryskiewicz, Daniel Agronomy
Hanson-Harden, Parker Nathaniel Management
Harsha, Nikki Elementary Education
Hart, Sandra Rae Non Degree
Hegrat, Kayla Accounting
Heil, Joshua M Management / Software Engineering
Hessler, Marian Accounting
Heuchert, Noah Agricultural Business
Hill, Tori Jordyn Accounting / Finance
Hocking, Kjersti Accounting
Hollcraft, Aaron Elementary Education
Huso, Logan Criminal Justice
Imperial, Ashley Marie Health Management
Jacobson, Lacy Alexandra Agricultural Business
Jaeckel, Ronny Management
Johnson, Ethan C Communication / Management
Johnson, Gregory Allen Marketing / Sport & Recreation Management
Johnson, Morgan Taylor Health Management
Johnson, Rachel Marie Marketing
Johnson, Reece Michael Agricultural Business
Jossund, Carson Agronomy
Karayel, Zahari Aviation
Kim, Dave Software Engineering
Kirkpatrick, Anna Bernice Health Management
Kishel, Miranda Marie Accounting / Finance
Knaeble, Emily Accounting / Finance
Knickerbocker, Chase Finance
Knudtson, Skyla D Animal Science / Equine Science
Kobberdahl, Justin Natural Resources
Kresl, Morgan Marie Health Sciences
Kroeplin, Luke Finance
Kropuenske, Tyler Andrew Criminal Justice
Kruisselbrink, Sydney Biology
Laplante,Ariel English
Larson, Michael Marketing
Laurean, Santino Accounting
Lee, Chanjoo International Business
Lee, Kyumin Software Engineering
Lee, Travis Aaron Management
Lee, Yechan Arts/Hum/SocSci-Undeclared
Leuer, Sabrina Agronomy / Horticulture
Lewis, Myla Agricultural Education
Lienemann, Katie Health Management
Liu, Yongan Software Engineering
Long, Trevor Escobar Biology / Health Sciences
Lucid, Dan E Software Engineering
Ma, Zhenyao Finance
Marques, Bruno Bormolini Finance / International Business
McGauvran, Joe Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Mcgraw, Andrea Diane Accounting
Meyers, Kim Animal Science
Mickschl, Robert Eugene Management
Milligan, Logan Elliot Agricultural Business
Mohamed, Adam Khadar Applied Studies
Montcalm, Kiley Ashton Health Management
Moore, Payton Management
Morales,Maggie Rose Exercise Sci and Wellness
Morthera Navarrete, Cassandra Communication
Musack, Mikayla Lorraine Health Management
Nelson,Amanda Janiece Entrepreneurship
Neuman, Jeremy Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Nicoll,Rhiannon Leah Communication / English
Novak, Karyn Accounting
Novotny, Kathryn Accounting
O'Dell, Lisa A Accounting / Management
Olmscheid, Samantha Ann Health Management
Pagliano, Anthony Marketing
Palkki, Tony Manufacturing Management
Patterson, Gabi Natural Resources
Peitz, Chad Aviation
Pesek, Jaedyn Agricultural Business
Pettit, Paige Criminal Justice
Pfau, Michelle Elementary Education
Pitlick, Paige Health Sciences
Powell, Corrie Sandra Health Management
Ramirez, Amanda Marie Finance
Rasicot, Jamie Louise Accounting
Ratcliff, Ryan Exercise Sci and Wellness
Reading, Carlie Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Rehm, Elissa Management
Rempel, Caleb Agronomy / Horticulture
Resendiz,Kennedy Animal Science
Ribeiro, Flavio Information Technology Mgmt
Rice, Hailee Accounting
Richardson, Andrea N Management
Richert, Triston K Finance / Marketing
Ridl, Jasmine M Animal Science
Risacher, Kaylan Elsie Animal Science
Riveland, Hannah Ashling Exercise Sci and Wellness
Robertson, Rian Rae Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Robinette, Tyler Ryan Information Technology Mgmt
Rohr, Ashley Ann Agronomy / Animal Science
Rojlertjanya, Chanin Information Technology Mgmt
Roseen, Noah Natural Resources
Ruckheim, Claire Early Childhood Education / Elementary Education
Rud, Eric Thomas Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Rupprecht, Malena Elementary Education
Rushmeyer, Lindsey Natural Resources
Santillanez, Desariah Natural Resources
Schilling, Melissa Natural Resources
Schmitt, Brittani Ann Catherine Health Management
Schueler, Alicia Rae Animal Science
Schultz, Megan Animal Science
Schweiss, Ryan Accounting
Setterholm, Lucas Management
Shen, Zheyao Software Engineering
Siegersma, Abby Natural Resources
Sikkink, Kaitlin Biology
Simonson, Hunter Natural Resources
Sirjord, Kelsie Paige Elementary Education
Sjoquist, Noelle R Marketing
Sogge, Bjorn Robert Agricultural Business
Sombke, Wyatt Natural Resources
Sonoda, Yu Management
Stanton, Nhoa Marketing
Stefanoni Jr, Arturo Finance / Management / Marketing
Stevens, Holly Applied Health
Strand, Jane Agricultural Education
Swanson, Erica Communication
Tatter, Austin Natural Resources
Thesing, Katie Communication
Thomas, Alyssa Margaret Exercise Sci and Wellness / Health Management
Thomas, Megan Entrepreneurship
Thyes, Jake Exercise Sci and Wellness
Todavich, Hailee Agricultural Business
Trefz, Morgan Douglas Natural Resources
Tysdal, Seth Vernon Finance
Uzonwa, Nelson Onyedikachi Chimzurum Criminal Justice
Waagen, Ellie Animal Science
Wagner, Seth Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Wang, Weiqian Software Engineering
Warner, Katie Lynne Animal Science / Equine Science
Weber, Lindsey Health Sciences
Weidenborner, Whitney Exercise Sci and Wellness
White, Kristi Lea Accounting
Wildman, Raelynn Nicole Animal Science
Williams, Morgan E Elementary Education
Wilson, Tamatha Health Management
Withrow, Jessica Ann Elementary Education
Wolf,Kathryn Animal Science
Wu, Yutian Management
Xu, Han Management
Xu, Mengyuan Software Engineering
Young, Selena S Equine Science
Zhang, Haoxiang Software Engineering
Zhao, Hannah Yujia Software Engineering
Zhou, Yuxin Software Engineering


Elizabeth Tollefson

University Relations