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Students Named to Spring Semester 2017 Chancellors List

By Elizabeth on
Friday, May 26, 2017

Students named to the spring semester 2017 Chancellors List were announced recently by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Chancellors List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 4.00 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Name Academic Plan
Aaberg, Arden Lynn Accounting
Anderson, Whitney Mae Early Childhood Education
Asp, Jared Andrew Agronomy
Auspos, Gabi Accounting
Bennie, Maiya Elizabeth Communication
Billings, Summer Accounting
Blair, Patti Management
Boehne, Shane Donald Natural Resources
Buchhop, Heather J Animal Science/Biology
Buck,Molly L Elementary Education
Carlson, Stephanie Ann Communication
Cho, Yoonhee Biology
Cichy, Savanna S Agricultural Business/Agronomy
Cleveland, Scott Randall Accounting
Connette, Adam Communication
Dickey, Elliot Douglas Agronomy
Dlouhy, Natalia Communication
Dubroc, Andre Entrepreneurship
Duerr, Joshua Lee Information Technology Mgmt
Ebacher, Tasita Information Technology Mgmt
Edstrom, Justin Leroy Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Elioff, Derek Albert Information Technology Mgmt
Ellingson, Greg Manufacturing Mgmt/Quality Mgmt
Erickson, Kali Jo Exercise Sci and Wellness
Fishel, Chester Jacob Health Management
Fisher, Megan Louise Accounting
Frazer, Joshua Paul International Business
Gabbert, Kamla Helene Communication
Gillette, Lisa M Accounting/Finance
Gross, Linda Grace Communication
Gruber, Emily Communication
Gryskiewicz, Daniel Agronomy
Haakenson, Halie Jean Early Childhood Education
Hadler, Anna Larae Accounting/Finance
Hagen, Kaycie Tierra Biology/Health Sciences
Hanson, Austin Information Technology Mgmt
Hauser, Baillee A Accounting/Health Management
Henze, Ashton Accounting
Hilde, Zachary Andrew Health Management
Hill, Tori Jordyn Accounting
Hill, Tori Jordyn Finance
Hoeper, Andrea Elizabeth Finance
Hosch, Abraham Christian Information Technology Mgmt
Howard, Kim Accounting
Hu, Yuxiang Management
Huttle, Katherine Corinne Communication
Johnson,Anna Agricultural Education
Jones, Mikayla Diane Marketing/Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Klass, Chad Donald Communication
Knealing,Matthew Arthur Applied Studies
Kobberdahl, Justin Natural Resources
Koch, Megan Tye Health Management
Kohorst,Delaney P Management/Marketing
Koo, MinJee Early Childhood Education
Kozitka, Zachary J Software Engineering
Kumar, Sumeet Non Degree
Laine, Joshua Corey Inform Tech Mgmt/Management
Lang, Christopher Software Engineering
Lauder, Emily Nicole Health Management
Lee, Justin Accounting
Marthaler, Shayla Dorothy Agricultural Business/Equine Science
Martin,Malia Jacie Animal Science
Mcdonald, Adam Agricultural Systems Mgmt
McWilliams, Stephanie Taylor Elementary Education
Michaelis, Caitlin Elementary Education
Mintenko, Bryan Sport & Recreation Mgmt
Moline, Lisa Marie Accounting
Molnar, Kristine Communication
Morthera Navarrete, Cassandra Communication
Muelken, Alyssa Christine Exercise Sci and Wellness
Nelson, Kristi Accounting
Norris, Melissa Katherine Communication
Novak, Karyn Accounting
Oakes, Alexandra Management
Oien, Angela Early Childhood Education
Owoyele, Ayodele Software Engineering
Pederson, Lauren Accounting/Finance
Pesek, Jaedyn Animal Science
Pitlick, Paige Health Sciences
Privratsky, Kendra Lynn Finance
Rempel, Caleb Agricultural Education/Agronomy
Reynolds, Ryan Accounting
Rice, Hailee Accounting
Rist, Mark Management
Rondorf, Lee Alvin Software Engineering
Rosamond, Brandon Charles Entrepreneurship
Ruegemer, Patrick Philip Natural Resources
Rynda, Ryan J Software Engineering
Santi, Heather Health Management
Schapekahm, Callie Mae Health Management
Schmitt, Brittani Ann Catherine Health Management
Shepard, Rachel Accounting
Sheppard, Kary Ann Exercise Sci and Wellness
Siem, Nathan Applied Health
Sombke, Wyatt Natural Resources
Swanson, Erica Communication
Tepovich, Nicholas Accounting
Theisen, Mike Management/Marketing
Thomas, Matea Accounting
Tornio, Alyssa Ann Management
Van Ness, Thomas P Agronomy
Vold, Payton Criminal Justice
Wagner, Seth Agricultural Systems Mgmt
Witt, Maddy Natural Resources
Wood, Eric John Finance
Xu, Zhiwei Management
Yang, Khao Lee Communication
Young, Charles Accounting/Finance
Zippel,Savannah Agricultural Education

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University Relations