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Students Named to Spring Semester 2016 Deans List

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Students named to the spring semester 2016 Deans List were recently announced by the Office of the Registrar at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

The U of M Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Deans List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.


Last Name First Name   Academic Plan
Alberts Dena Rae   Applied Health
Albrecht Nathaniel James   Health Sciences
Allen Kasondra Carol   Finance
Al-Twaijri Haitham   Software Engineering
Anaya David Eugene   Management
Anderson Joshua E   Agronomy
Anderson Logan James   Agricultural Systems Management
Anderson Mary Angele   Accounting
Angelo Jason James   Sport & Recreation Management
Archerd Leanne M   Early Childhood Education
Arnold Joseph D   Agricultural Systems Management
Awender Elizabeth   Early Childhood Education
Beatty Kaylin Renee   Equine Science
Beistad Derek Andrew   Communication
Berekvam Ashley   Applied Health
Berner Aeric L   Exercise Scienceand Wellness
Bialac Michelle Elizabeth   Manufacturing Management/Quality Management
Billings Summer   Accounting
Blair Patricia   Management
Bolstad Susan Eunhye   Marketing
Braatz Bailey Lanae   Management/Marketing
Brettschneider Elizabeth Paige   Sport & Recreation Management
Brutlag Samantha R   Health Management
Buchhop Heather J   Animal Science/Biology
Buck Molly L   Elementary Education
Bunn Michael John   Management
Burg Kelley Kristian   Agronomy
Campbell Emily R   Animal Science
Carlson Makenzie Rae   Communication
Carrier James Wesley   Manufacturing Management
Christopherson Jacob Nathaniel   Natural Resources
Cisse Gabrielle Clara   Communication
Clauson Andrea C   Management
Cole Nathan   Marketing
Connole Christina Mae   Applied Health
Corbin Nicole   Biology
Covlin Danika Rose   Marketing
Cross William K   Management
Davis Neka   Animal Science
Davis Samuel Walker   Finance
De Velde Abigail Samantha   Information Technology Management/Software Engineering
Deli Sarsar   Software Engineering
DeMartelaere Hana R   Animal Science
Denman Joseph B   Health Management
Derflinger Jordyn Brooke   Elementary Education
Deutsch Samantha R   Accounting/Finance
Douglas Joseph Gene   Communication
Dubroc Andre Kelly   Entrepreneurship
Erickson Anne Marie   Health Management
Ferguson Eric   Management
Fey Joe   Agronomy
Fosse Anna Claire   Management
Frame Monika Solveig   Sport & Recreation Management
Gahlon Whitney Paige   Communication
Gau Danielle Jordan   Exercise Scienceand Wellness
Gauger Alexis Caitlyn   Criminal Justice
Geist Andreas J   Aviation
Greenberg Zachary Noah   Sport & Recreation Management
Greiner Blake William   Agronomy
Halidu Gabriel   Accounting
Haroldson Kay Lynn   Accounting
Harris McKenzie Lynn   Early Childhood Education /Elementary Education
Hartman Nathan Gary   Natural Resources
Haugen Leanna D   Health Sciences
Hegge Lydia Jane   Health Sciences
Hegrenes Connor E   Natural Resources
Heilman Allison   Accounting/Agricultural Business
Hendrickson Daulton   Accounting
Hennen Jenna Ashley   Marketing
Heppner Seth Arnold   Management
Hicks Laura Marie   Animal Science
Hill Marissa   Management
Hjelle Reed Matthew   Exercise Scienceand Wellness
Hoeper Andrea Elizabeth   Finance
Hollcraft Aaron   Undecided
Hosek Linda   Communication
Hoversten Ruth Ann   Agricultural Business
Hu Yuxiang   Management
Huffman Christopher M   Agricultural Business/Agronomy
Hughes Alison Claire   Early Childhood Education
Huso Wyatt   Agricultural Systems Management
Jaco on Sam   Agricultural Systems Management
Joerissen-Ward Marcus Anthony   Software Engineering
Jubert Alannah Marie   Communication
Kathrein John Henry   Manufacturing Management/Quality Management
Kempf Alexander J   Sport & Recreation Management
Kermes Sage Catherine   Management
Khoshaba Alexis Siobhan   Sport & Recreation Management
Kim Jisu   Biology
Knickerbocker Chase Richard   Finance
Kobberdahl Justin   Natural Resources
Koepp Alec   Software Engineering
Kohorst Delaney P   Management/Marketing
Koo MinJee   Early Childhood Education
Kozitka Zachary J   Software Engineering
Kuehl Heather Marie   Health Management
LaCoursiere Eli Richard   Post-Secondary Enrollment Option
Laplante Ariel Elaine   Post-Secondary Enrollment Option
Larson Brock Brent   Agronomy
Larson Kristi Ann   Sport & Recreation Management
Lawrence Brandon M   Finance
Learn Ashley   Early Childhood Education
Lee So-Seol   Management
Lee William T   Natural Resources
Leuer Sabrina   Agronomy/Horticulture
Li Kaiyang   Software Engineering
Lin Minshi   Management
Lind Bradley Scott   Criminal Justice
Liu Dong   Management
Ma Qianhong   International Business
Mahmud Imran   Accounting
Mancillas Marissa   English
Mangan Allison   Equine Science
Manning Ashley M   Post-Secondary Enrollment Option
Martin Malia Jacie   Animal Science
Massel Brian   Accounting/Finance
Mattila Warren   Finance
Mauch Shirelle Brittainy   Quality Management
Mcdonald Adam   Agricultural Systems Management
Miller Aleksandra Maria   Management
Mix Michael A   Management
Moon Hee In   Biology
Mounsdon Brook Maria   Accounting
Mussi Just Bruna   Non Degree
Nagel Ethan   Natural Resources
Nasimova Benazir Ravshanovna   Management
Nava Joseph Inrique   Exercise Science and Wellness
Ndebele Ashley Lwazi   Communication
Nelson Evan D   Natural Resources
Nelson Kristi   Accounting
Nelson Kyle K   Agricultural Systems Management
Neville Laura C   Management
Newburg Alyssa K   Equine Science
Nistler Eric Matthew   Manufacturing Management/Quality Management
Noga Micaela Beth   Health Management
Nordman Rachel A   Management
Nyhus R Nickolas   Health Management
Nystad Jessica D   Post-Secondary Enrollment Option
Oakes Alexandra   Elementary Education
Ohlemann Andrea Michelle   Applied Health
Ojczyk Anna S   Health Sciences
Olson Samantha Paige   Agronomy
Olson Susana   Health Management
Paul Lindsey Kathryn   Communication
Pederson Lauren   Accounting/Finance
Peitz Chad   Aviation
Pesek Jaedyn   Animal Science
Peterson Anthony J   Sport & Recreation Management
Peterson Matthew   Natural Resources
Peterson Rylee J   Natural Resources
Pini Nannette M   Animal Science
Pleune Karcyn   Equine Science
Prigge Jessica   Animal Science/Equine Science
Rarick Samantha J   Undecided
Rasmussen Dakota Rae   Early Childhood Education
Reitmeier Kelly J   Health Management
Rieland Katelyn A   Animal Science
Riveland Hannah Ashling   Health Sciences
Robins Crystal M.   Information Technology Management
Roczey Camrin   Information Technology Management
Rystad Brian   Management
Santillanez Desariah   Natural Resources
Santoyo Alexis Cheyenne   Elementary Education
Schaffer Samantha Marie   Health Management
Schelonka Danielle   Health Sciences
Scott-Smith Leslie Anne   Health Management
Severs-Wilkerson Hayley Orion   Natural Resources
Siegersma Abby   Natural Resources
Sikkink Kaitlin Jo   Biology
Smith Gable   Business-Undeclared
Song Ke   Management
Stith Courtney   Accounting
Stoeck Serena   Animal Science
Stulen Kyle Lewis   Software Engineering
Suda Lineane Kaori   Non Degree
Thapaliya Pratima   Health Sciences
Thielman Alexa F   Health Sciences
Thoma Lucas Frederick   Natural Resources
Tilleraas DaKota Nicole   Animal Science
Timmins Brooke   Sport & Recreation Management
Tjepkes Thomas   Natural Resources
Van Dyke Hannah   Animal Science/Equine Science
Vandenheuvel Becca   Elementary Education
Vertina Noelle   Health Management
Wahlberg Madison Kay   Elementary Education
Walden Kyle   Sport & Recreation Management
Warmack James H   Management
Weber Lindsey Rose   Health Sciences
Weiss Sara A   Management
Wolf Courtney M   Agronomy
Wolf Kathryn   Animal Science
Wood Eric John   Finance
Wright David   Accounting
Wu Yao   Management
Yan Kai   Software Engineering
Yan Yangxuan   Management
Yang Khao Lee   Communication
Yang Lijing   Undecided
Young Selena S   Equine Science
Zhang Shengxian   Software Engineering
Zhou Yaqing   Management
Zhu Ruqian   Management

The University of Minnesota Crookston now delivers 34 bachelor's degree programs, 22 minors, and 39 areas of emphasis on campus as well as 14 degree programs entirely online.  These degrees are offered in the areas of agriculture and natural resources; business; liberal arts and education; and math, science and technology.  With an enrollment of 1,800 undergraduates from more than 20 countries and 40 states, the Crookston campus offers a supportive, close-knit atmosphere that leads to a prestigious University of Minnesota degree.  "Small Campus. Big Degree."  To learn more, visit


Elizabeth Tollefson

University Relations