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Students Named to 2019 Spring Semester Chancellors List

By Cassandra Morthera on
Thursday, June 13, 2019

Students named to the spring semester 2019 Chancellors List were announced recently by the Office of the Registrar. The UMN Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation. logo

To qualify for a place on the Chancellors List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 4.00 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Major
Albrecht Nate   Biology and Health Sciences
Atchison Bryce Andrew Information Technology Management
Babler Alli Dawn   Early Childhood and Elementary Educationation
Badman Bret   Manufacturing Management and Quality Management
Bakke Savannah R Marketing
Barnes Evan   Sport & Recreation Management
Behnke Eric John   Applied Studies
Buhr Jarrod   Finance
Bundy Susan   Information Technology Management
Call Chris   Natural Resources
Camp Michael   English
Carlson Kaitlin   Natural Resources
Che Yilin   English
Chinander Laura   International Business
Clapper Melissa   Management
Cleary Harrison   Sport & Recreation Management
Colbert Caroline   Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Crayton Kalie Anna Health Management
Cross Meredith   Accounting
Crum Katie   Animal Science and Equine Science
Deturk Nathan M Accounting
Drewes Brianna   Criminal Justice
Ebacher Tasita   Information Technology Management
Eckert Harley Martina Accounting and Equine Science
Ederer Andrea   Agricultural Business
Ellison Riley Elizabeth Finance
Erickson Reanne E Animal Science
Faroni Anne   Information Technology Management
Gaston Andreas K International Business
Graves Allison Ramona International Business
Gryskiewicz Daniel   Agronomy
Haack Amanda   Marketing
Hamre Tianna   Medical Laboratory Science
Hansen Lydia Elizabeth Agricultural Business and Animal Science
Hanson-Harden Parker N Management
Harsha Nikki   Elementary Educationation
Harsha Taylor Nicole Management and Marketing
Heil Joshua M Information Technology Management and Management
Hoehne Katie   Biology
Ishtiaq Iqra   Non Degree
Johnson Amber   Communication and Agricultural Communication
Johnson Anne   Equine Science
Johnson Chase   Management
Johnson Gregory Allen Marketing and Sports and Recreation Management
Jones Kayla   Health Management
Kalway Noah Edward Accounting
Kampa Anthony   Software Engineering
Kapsner Aria   Natural Resources
Klass Chad Donald Communication
Klejwa Phillip   Information Technology Management
Knaeble Emily   Accounting
Koch Megan Tye Health Management
Kracht Helayna   Finance
Kravchenko Anastasiia   Management
Kresl Morgan Marie Health Sciences
Kroll Amber Marie Accounting
Kropuenske Tyler Andrew Criminal Justice
Larsen Nicole Lenae Accounting
Lawson Tavia   Accounting and Finance
Le Hoang   Information Technology Management
Lee Chanjoo   International Business
Leuer Sabrina   Agronomy and Horticulture
Lienemann Katie   Health Management
Long Trevor Escobar Biology and Health Sciences
Lucid Dan E Software Engineering
Malloy Courtney   Manufacturing Management
Marin Melissa Ann Accounting
Martin Heather Dawn Accounting
McGauvran Joe   Agricultural Systems Management
Mclemore Jared Lee Entrepreneurship
McWilliams Stephanie T Elementary Educationation
Medina Lauren   Finance and Management
Mezzatesta Virginia   Accounting
Michaelis Caitlin Marie Elementary Educationation
Montcalm Kiley Ashton Health Management
Moss Olivia Jeanne Management
Nealer Lindsay Diane Finance
Ocampo-Forrest Juanita   Health Management
Okeke Kenenna   Finance
Orsten Brian Christian Accounting
Peterson Holie   Natural Resources
Rarick Jason Tyler Agricultural Business
Rarick Samantha J Biology and Health Sciences
Rickers Katelyn   Finance
Robertson Rian Rae Sport & Recreation Management
Rondorf Lee Alvin Software Engineering
Rooney Claire Elizabeth Criminal Justice
Rux Sabrina   Accounting
Schelske Morgan Jean Animal Science
Schnobrich Robyn   Accounting
Schultz Jessica   Communication
Setterholm Lucas   Management
Shkil Bogdan   Management
Smith Ben   Finance
Solberg Eli   Exercise Sci and Wellness
Sorenson Derek William Accounting and Finance
Spier Taylor   Health Sciences
Stangeland Kayla Ann Early Childhood and Elementary Educationation
Tepovich Nicholas   Accounting
Thoma Benjamin Ryan Management
Thomas Alyssa Margaret Health Management
Verbout Shantel   Agricultural Business and Agronomy
Wardner Wyatt Chad Agricultural Business and Agronomy
Wazwaz Ramsey Kennedy Finance
Weidenborner Whitney   Exercise Science and Wellness
Whitney Elsa Alyce English
Young Selena S Equine Science
Zappa Amy Jo Marketing
Zhao Hannah Yujia   Software Engineering
Zhou Yuxin   Software Engineering


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