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Seventeen college students affected by hurricane Katrina enroll in UMC’s online classes

By Krista Lemos on
Monday, October 10, 2005

Seventeen college students from Louisiana, Texas and Florida have enrolled in the University of Minnesota, Crookston’s online classes. UMC’s online courses were made available to students whose colleges and universities were shut down by hurricane Katrina. The courses are offered in an accelerated 8 week term beginning October 24 classes include: Microeconomics, Introduction to Physics, College Algebra, and Elementary Statistics. This semester will allow affected students to continue their education conveniently and without additional financial burden. “This is the right thing to do in a time of incredible need,” said UMC Chancellor Chuck Casey.

Funded by the Sloan Foundation, and through collaboration between the Sloan Consortium and the Southern Regional Education Board and the University of Minnesota Board of Regents, this project will assist 17 students with online courses, tuition free, that have been displaced due to Hurricane Katrina. UMC is the only campus in the state of Minnesota that is delivering online courseware to those students in need. It was estimated that as many as 175,000 students were not able to continue their studies at their institutions in southern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. 

UMC’s online courses are flexible and are available 24/7, said Michelle Christopherson, Director of the Center for Adult Learning. “We have 17 students that will learn from UMC. There are over 200 colleges and universities that have volunteered to be part of this important effort and UMC is proud to be part of it!” Students will begin classes Monday, October 24th.

On Sept. 2, President Robert Bruininks sent a message to the entire U community asking everyone to help. "As the Mississippi headwaters state, we have a special connection and obligation to assist those in the Mississippi delta region," Bruininks said in the message. "My hope is that the entire University community can get involved in this important humanitarian effort." Responding to the President’s request, the Board of Regents on September 9 approved a resolution to waive tuition for students displaced by the hurricane.

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