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For Senior Jordan Adams, Life's Better on a Fast Track

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Saturday, May 5, 2018

When Senior Jordan Adams isn’t racing to finish the field work, he is racing against a field of competitors at the racetrack. jordan adams

Working a fourth generation farm near Reynolds, N.D., it seems only natural Adams would choose agronomy as his major at the University of Minnesota Crookston. “I feel a lot of pride in farming, and I think a lot of farmers do,” Adams says. “I know that if I am not farming, I want to be working in the farming industry.” It’s the reason he chose agronomy and the reason he chose the U of M Crookston to earn his degree.

He also wants his life to include something he and his father have enjoyed for a long time—racing. “My dad and I spent Friday nights at the races together,” Adams remembers. “And, I raced kitty cats until I was 8 or 9 years old; I think racing is a part of who I am.”

When it comes to details, Adams is focused. “I am a bit of a picky person, and I like to have things scheduled,” he says. “I follow a routine especially with racing. It works better for me when I try to balance my academics and farming schedule with my racing life. They are not always an easy mix so organization is important.” Watching film, maintaining his car, and making sure he is ready for race day are a part of his weekly racing regimen.

The last time Adams raced was in September 2017. It didn’t end the way he had hoped. The track was heavy that night and speeds were up. A touch by another driver caused Adams to roll 6 or 7 times landing him in the hospital for testing and suffering a concussion.

Jordan AdamsHe took fall semester easy taking 4.5 credits online in order to continue his education while giving himself the chance to recuperate and heal.

Following the crash, Adams admits to a little trepidation about racing, but still, he looks forward to spring and getting back to it. “I can’t wait to put it all on the line. When you love something as much as I love racing, that is the way it is,” he says.

Being tentative is something he knows doesn’t work in racing and there really is no time for it. Everything happens so fast, there is only time for acting decisively when making split-second decisions. Adams knows he must focus solely on what he knows how to do best whenever he rolls onto the track and it is what his six years of experience has taught him.  

Part of being able to race is finding sponsors to help make it possible. Adams works closely with two public relations professionals to help him find the right sponsors. They make arrangements and Adams meets with them to pitch the sponsorship. When he is not working on the car, he is working on sponsorships.

For Adams, the racing life is a longtime dream. “I used to think I would be a NASCAR driver,” he says. “But, I am enjoying the opportunity to mix agriculture with racing culture right now. It works for me.”

His best race ever was his first win. “Winning that very first time is something I won’t ever forget, and my mom, who had been fighting cancer, was in remission and having her in the photo with me at the victory line was incredible,” he says. “Some people race for years and never experience a win; winning is a memory I will always treasure.”

What is it about racing? Adams answers the question without hesitation, “When you race, you get that same rush of adrenaline you had the very first time, every time, and you never lose it.”

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