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Caring at the End

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

She might not have known what  her major  would be when she came to campus four years ago, but Baillee Hauser 2017 left certain of her future career. The health management major from Raymond, Minn., fell in love with the campus the moment she pulled in for her visit, but she was uncertain what to study. Baillee Hauser

“I literally went through the website and considered almost every major.  When I happened on health management,” Hauser says. “It matched my interest in business and health care, and I was immediately struck by the possibility.”

The health management degree, along with a second major in accounting, make Hauser the perfect candidate for the next step—her new job as human resources director at Bethesda Health and Housing in Willmar, Minn., and preparing to take her boards. 

An internship at Bethesda Health and Housing in Willmar, Minn., proved a great experience for Hauser and her interest in the field never wavered. “I think there is a lack of understanding and knowledge about the major,” she says. “I presented at an area high school and at Minnesota West Community and Technical College as part of my project in the Honors program. It was my goal to introduce students to the opportunities in the field of health care management.”

Her major in accounting adds to her strength as a future administrator. “I will work with nursing staff, human resources, and financial, and while I may not be an expert in these areas,” she says. “I want to have enough understanding to put together the big picture.”

She has had role models in the field and she is quick to mention her advisor, Susan Klassen, and her preceptor in Willmar as key to her success. “I think I have had the best preceptor in the State of Minnesota,” she smiles. “And, Susan has been a guide to me the entire way.”

Working at the Villa in Crookston in dietary, Hauser knew she had chosen the right major and was headed down the best career path for her. “I enjoyed interacting with everyone at the Villa even though I was only serving food and washing dishes.”Baillee Hauser

Baillee HauserBut, perhaps, her future’s greatest influence has been her grandfather, who was admitted to a long-term care facility on Hauser’s final day at her internship. “I was able to see the process from the client side which opened my eyes to their experience,” she says. “I have a special relationship with my grandfather, and I want the kind of care I manage to be the kind that cares deeply for each person at the facility. I want to know them and I want to know their families.”

 “The elderly have so much knowledge, and we can learn so much from them,” Hauser explains. “I believe working with them will be a privilege and that I will have an opportunity to serve at a time when clients and their families need it most.”

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Bailee Hauser talks in depth about the Health Management, BS program at the University of Minnesota Crookston.


Elizabeth Tollefson

University Relations


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