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Fall Semester 2010 Chancellor's List Announced by U of M Crookston

By ltollefs on
Monday, January 10, 2011

Students named to the fall semester 2010 Chancellor's List at the University of Minnesota, Crookston were announced by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M, Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Chancellor's List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 4.00 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Today the University of Minnesota, Crookston delivers 29 bachelor's degree programs, 18 minors, and more than 40 concentrations, including several online degrees, in the areas of agriculture and natural resources; business; liberal arts and education; and math, science and technology. With an enrollment of about 1,400 undergraduates from more than 25 countries and 40 states, the Crookston campus offers a supportive, close-knit atmosphere that leads to a prestigious University of Minnesota degree. "Small Campus. Big Degree." To learn more, visit

Name Degree
Ahn, Seri Undeclared
Ahn, Won Jin Marketing B S
Bae, Joo Hyun Accounting B S
Bakken, Keith Jory Business Mgt B S/Health Mgt B S/Quality Mgt B M M
Bauer, Janie M Early Childhood Education B S
Berg, Steffanie Jean Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Blace, Jenna Natural Resources B S
Blees, Samuel G Criminal Justice B S
Borge, Jonathan C Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S/Agronomy B S
Bowar, Kayla N Business Management B S/Marketing B S
Brenny, Trenton Gene Natural Resources B S
Breth, Tiffany Nicole Animal Science B S
Brooks, Brett Duane Business Management B S
Buscher, Alexandra W Business Management B S
Carlson, Anne E Health Sciences Pre-Profosseional Track B S
Carnell, David John Quality Management B M M
Chen, Qi Business Management B S
Cho, Hyun Jin Undeclared
Czichotzki, Austin Communication B S
DeBoer, Jessica Lynn Marketing B S
Drees, Chasity Mae Criminal Justice B S
Drinkall, Adam John Applied Studies B S
Eul, Megan Elizabeth Early Childhood Education B S
Fowler, Christopher S Business Management B S
French, Sarah Lynn Business Management B S
Giese, Emily Koelker Eaton Early Childhood Education B S
Green, Matthew Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S/Agronomy B S
Guetter, Robert Natural Resources B S
Ha, Hye Mi Undeclared
Heier, Michael Manufacturing Management B M M
Hillstrom, Alisha Marie Business Management B S
Hudon, Mark D Criminal Justice B S
Jirik, Joseph Robert Natural Resources B S
Kelley, Lucas L Agronomy B S
Kenyon, Krista A Natural Resources B S
Kim, Keunsoo Marketing B S
Klehr, Kayla Animal Science B S
Lawrence, Kaci Jo Business Management B S
Lee, Dae Yeul Accounting B S
Lee, Suna Business Management B S
McKeown, Cole Michael Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Messner, Lincoln Joe Accounting B S
Nedrud, Hannah R Equine Science B S
Nieuwboer, Mindy Adell Equine Science B S
Norris, Daniel Allen Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Norris, Michael Alexander Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Origas, Nicole Marie Business Management B S
Pan, Fangjing Business Management B S
Pierce, Cassandra Jean Business Management B S
Plass, John Agronomy B S
Pondish, Jonathan Foster Criminal Justice B S
Pristanski, Madelyn K Equine Science B S
Reed, Megan Elizabeth Marketing B S
Regeimbal, Alexandra M Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Sachwitz, Brandon Biology B S/Health Sciences Pre-Professional Track
Shaw, Erin Marie Accounting B S/Business Management B S
Shin, Hye Won Undeclared
Sibert, Jeremy L Criminal Justice B S
Sorlie, Katherine Marie Business Management B S
Stanley, Christa Pauline Business Management B S
Vaughn, Craig Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
Wolfe, Megan Business Management B S
Woods, Stephen J Business Mgmt B S/Sport & Recreation Mgmt B S
Wrzos, Holly Hotel/Rest/Tourism Mgmt B S
You, Jae Eun Undeclared
Zuck, Samantha Ann Animal Science B S