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Students Named to Fall 2020 Dean's List

By Shawn Smith on
Friday, February 12, 2021

CROOKSTON, Minn. (February 12, 2021) - Students named to the fall semester 2020 Dean's List were announced recently by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Dean's List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Students named to the Dean's List include the following:

Last Name First Name Major
Aanstad Luke Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
Abel Angie Information Technology Mgmt BS
Adhikari Agyan Accounting B S
Alihonou Carroll Health Management B S
Anderson-Speiker Leanna Information Technology Mgmt BS
Appert Madison Sheila Entrepreneurship B S
Ayala Antony Thomas Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Aycock Josh Finance B S
Bair Tristyn Leslie Criminal Justice B S
Baker Joshua Information Technology Mgmt BS
Bender Caroline Communication B S / English B S
Bingham Sadie Agricultural Education B S
Bisset Rachel Finance B S
Bly Syd Elementary Education B S
Brayton Trace Golf & Turf Management B S
Brown Mckayla Bea Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Buchholz Joby Natural Resources B S
Burch Natalia Undecided
Burch Shaola Natalia Criminal Justice B S
Bushman John Manufacturing Management B M M / Quality Management B M M
Bustos Maria Early Childhood Education B S
Cameron Kristine Lynn Communication B S
Camrud Joey Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
Carpenter Emma Communication B S
Carroll Nickol Sport & Recreation Mgmt B S
Carter Katelyn Marie Marketing B S
Carter Morgan Management B S
Cartier Sarah Equine Business Mgmt B S
Cerney Meghan Natural Resources B S
Chan JZ Management B S
Choi Jong Min Software Engineering B S
Christen Alex Agricultural Education B S
Clark Rebecca Equine Science B S / Animal Science
Coan Mercedes Communication B S
Constable Sonny Sport & Recreation Mgmt B S
Conway Mya English B S
Cool Charlotte Accounting B S
Cornale Paige Medical Laboratory Science B S
Cotten Kristine Natural Resources B S
Cowles Rebecca Oroyan Quality Management B M M
Crocco Alessandro International Business B S
Crowe Katelyn Animal Science B S
Currie Keanna Sport & Recreation Mgmt B S
Dahlgren Warden Criminal Justice B S / Communication
Daniels Ashley Health Management B S
Darwiche Georges International Business B S
Derra Kojilembay Mishine Information Technology Mgmt BS
Dilling Josh Business-Undeclared
Donnay Sammy Criminal Justice B S
Dougherty Maria Accounting B S
Dvorak John Applied Studies B S
Eastman Scott Sport & Recreation Mgmt B S
Ellefson Jack Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Engel Sydney Equine Science B S
Erickson Michael Software Engineering B S
Espeseth Lindsey Animal Science B S
Farmer Katie Marketing B S
Fedewa Kaitlyn Equine Science B S
Fineday Ami Health Management B S
Fitzer Cam Finance B S
Fleming Michael Alan Finance B S
Fox Bren Health Sciences Pre Prof B S
Freund Ashley Renee Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Frieberg Jordan Criminal Justice B S
Fronti Anthony Manufacturing Management B M M
Gailson Hanokh Math/Sci/Tech-Undeclared
Galatz Sierra Equine Business Mgmt B S
Gapp Olivia Animal Science B S
Gardner Jordan Elementary Education B S
Garrison Dallas Information Technology Mgmt BS
Gerbracht Izabell Equine Science B S / Animal Science
Giarushi Suleiman Ali Manufacturing Management B M M / Quality Management B M M
Gilbertson Kendra Management B S
Girton Kelsea Marie Accounting B S / Management B S
Glover Carolyn Health Management B S
Grams Nick Natural Resources B S
Graves Allison Ramona International Business B S
Greco Joey Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Gresham Deaira Health Sciences Pre Prof B S
Gronewold Erin Accounting B S
Gunderson Ashley English B S
Haisch Becca Health Management B S
Halos Kathryn Criminal Justice B S
Hammer Melissa Agricultural Education B S
Haning Dustin Information Technology Mgmt BS
Harr Boyce Allen Biology B S / Health Sciences Pre Prof
Hartung Samantha Rose Accounting B S / Finance B S
Hendrickx Paul Agricultural Education B S
Hennen Peyton Management B S
Hennessey Ryan Natural Resources B S
Hinman Brianna Accounting B S / Finance/ Management
Hoard Justin English B S
Hobson Emma English B S
Holland Amy Accounting B S
Hook Derek International Business B S
Huang Jianglong International Business B S
Hurley Elizabeth Animal Science B S / Equine Science
Irlbeck Cheyenne Agricultural Business B S
Jacobson Christina Health Management B S
Jeong Inje Software Engineering B S
Johnson Caidyn Derick Carl Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Jones Rachel Sport & Recreation Mgmt B S
Jordan Brianna Health Management B S
Jossund Carson Agronomy B S
Juelson Nolan Equine Science B S
Kalal Ryan Natural Resources B S
Kane Brolle Finance B S
Kill Shannon Hayley Equine Science B S
Klimek Eric Natural Resources B S
Klimek Madi Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Kolseth Lisa Agricultural Business B S
Kowalke Faith Agricultural Education B S
Kratzke Katrina Kathryn Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Kustritz Monica Communication B S
Lacher Mikayla Kathryn Animal Science B S
Lacoursiere John Michael Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Lai Keyu Software Engineering B S
Lange Adam Agronomy B S
Larsen Taylor Marie Accounting B S
Larson Lachlan Marketing B S
Larson Michaela Management B S
Lax Jen Communication B S / Criminal Justice
Le Binh Accounting B S
Le Chris Accounting B S
Lee Ben Health Sciences Pre Prof B S
Lee Chee Accounting B S
Lee Katya Maria Management B S
Legensky Ariel English B S
Letourneau Braden Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
Lewis Myla Agricultural Education B S
Lindtwed Courtney Health Management B S
Lundquist Veronica Ann Natural Resources B S / Agronomy B S
Lyman Hunter Elementary Education B S
Macias Hannah Morgan Communication B S
Macias Leah Mckenzie Communication B S
Malakowsky Tiara Agricultural Education B S
Martin Heather Dawn Accounting B S
Mathiowetz James Agricultural Education B S
Maunu Abigail Agricultural Education B S
Mayry Jesse Natural Resources B S
McGauvran Joe Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
Mchugo Emily Agronomy B S
Melby Stephanie Dawn Agronomy B S
Mertens Jes Health Sciences Pre Prof B S
Meyer Rebecca Natural Resources B S
Moore Hayley Accounting B S
Morgan Lucas M Applied Studies B S
Murtha Nicholas Communication B S
Musser Chad Finance B S / Software Engineering
Mutake Annabelle Software Engineering B S
Nagel Levi Finance B S
Nelson Tristen Accounting B S
Netzer Grace Animal Science B S / Equine Science
Newberg Jordyn Clara Agricultural Education B S
Nielsen Jacob Management B S / Manufacturing Management B M M
Noor Arfan Ullah Marketing B S / Entrepreneurship B S
Nordhougen Melloh Calvin Communication B S
Nu??ez Joalys Criminal Justice B S
Ocampo-Forrest Juanita Health Management B S
Olson Hailey Natural Resources B S
Olson Jade Kelley Agricultural Business B S
Olson Melissa Finance B S
Olson Nick Information Technology Mgmt BS
Olson Zac Marketing B S
Orth Katie Equine Science B S / Animal Science
Overbo Hattie Accounting B S
Pancirov Darian Renetta Communication B S
Pence Roger Manufacturing Management B M M
Peppel Jack Health Sciences Pre Prof B S
Perez Esias Finance B S
Perivolotis Katina Nicole English Education B S
Peterson Broc Finance B S
Peterson Maggie Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Pfaffenbach Alex Animal Science B S
Pierzyna Kathy Management B S
Plageman Matthew Finance B S
Plante Delanie Health Management B S
Praska Kylea Elementary Education B S / Early Childhood Education B S
Provencial Eryn Terese Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S / Animal Science / Equine Science
Putzke Kendra Equine Science B S
Randolph Robert Finance B S
Renney Karli Bryn Communication B S
Resnick Sunny Accounting B S
Richter Robb Applied Studies B S
Riley Amanda Health Management B S
Rodriguez Garcia Sonia Information Technology Mgmt BS
Ronyak Ana Health Management B S
Ross Toriana Management B S
Royster Tanner Lee Sport & Recreation Mgmt B S
Ruckheim Grace Agricultural Education B S
Schaunaman Adrianne Equine Science B S / Equine Business Mgmt
Schelonka Abigail Elementary Education B S / Early Childhood Education
Schneider Emily Health Management B S
Schrempp Colton Cade Agricultural Systems Mgmt B S
Schultz Kim Accounting B S
Schwartz Veronica Agricultural Education B S
Sedo Caden Accounting B S
Serum Chelsey Marie Accounting B S
Shafer Justin Quality Management B M M / Manufacturing Management
Shin Minsoo International Business B S
Sieben Nicole Finance B S
Silva Kayley Animal Science B S / Equine Science
Simes Sophia Accounting B S
Smith Justin S. International Business B S
Song Yuan Accounting B S
Sorenson Brody Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Sorenson Derek William Finance B S / Accounting B S
Spilde Beau Agricultural Business B S
Steen Brett Accounting B S
Stonemeyer Theo Management B S
Struss Megan Wrae Marketing B S
Swenson Landyn Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Swiers Laney Agricultural Education B S
Thao Josiah Health Management B S
Thomas Jordan Information Technology Mgmt BS
Thompson Riley D Criminal Justice B S / Biology B S
Thompson Sara Health Management B S
Thyes Jake Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Tiedemann Ally Marketing B S
Trandem Luke Scott Agronomy B S
Udovich Melanie Anne Communication B S
Uecker Mallory Health Management B S
Verbout Shantel Agricultural Business B S / Agronomy
Vetsch Mattea Health Sciences Pre Prof B S
Vettleson Matthew Animal Science B S / Agricultural Business B S
Wang Shuyu Finance B S
Weber Savanna Rose Agricultural Education B S
Weflen Tabitha Accounting B S
Weisensel Mara Management B S
Welch Ashley Communication B S
Westmiller Gabrielle Criminal Justice B S
Wheeler Haylee Business-Undeclared
Whitaker Skyla Communication B S
Williams Tori English B S
Withrow Jessica Ann Elementary Education B S
Witte Erica Finance B S
Wolfe Alexander P. Sport & Recreation Mgmt B S
Wollschlager Tara Marie Accounting B S
Xiong Patria Finance B S
Yoon Seyoung Undecided
Youngstrand Trent Agronomy B S
Zarn Dana Exercise Sci and Wellness B S
Zheng Lingsu Accounting B S
Ziegler Alicia Elementary Education B S

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