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Partner with University of Minnesota Extension to bring Deep Winter Greenhouse technology to your farm or community

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Monday, April 4, 2016

Minnesotans have the opportunity to build Deep Winter Greenhouses (DWGs) for growing fresh produce as part of a new project being offered this spring. The University of Minnesota Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP) seek one farmer, business, or community organization in each of its five regions to build an on-farm or in-community DWG for production, research, and extension.  

DWGs are a passive solar, low-cost, low-carbon winter food production system. The structure is built with a south-facing, angled glazing wall that captures heat from the sun. Heat is stored in an underground rock bed and dissipates into the above-ground planting area at night.

The construction of these five DWGs will enable community partners to grow fresh produce throughout the winter months, and allow for University-based research into improved production capacity and building performance. RSDP will provide approximately half of the cost to build a prototype DWG as compensation for shared access to their DWG for research projects, public workshops, and demonstrations for a period of three years. Proposals are due May 3.

“We anticipate strong interest from local farmers and community members in partnering with the University of Minnesota on Deep Winter Greenhouse technology. This innovative design provides a viable and environmentally conscious source of local foods during Minnesota’s cold winter months,” said Northwest RSDP Executive Director Linda Kingery.

RSDP is composed of a statewide office and five regional partnerships and is part of University of Minnesota Extension. For more information on DWGs and the Request for Applications, visit: Descriptions of RSDP’s regions are available on RSDP’s website.

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Allison Sandve
News Media & Public Relations Manager, University of Minnesota Extension

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