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Students Named to 2019 Spring Semester Deans List

By Cassandra Morthera on
Monday, June 24, 2019

Students named to the spring semester 2019 Deans List were recently announced by the Office of the Registrar at the University of Minnesota Crookston. The UMN Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation. 

 logoTo qualify for a place on the Deans List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Students on the Deans List include:

Last Name First Name Middle Name Major
Ailes Haley Elaine Communication
Ajmal Wisha   Non Degree
Alsubousi Bakhit Saeed Information Technology Management
Altendahl Tommy   Accounting
Amerud Cierra Rose Software Engineering
Annis Brittney Marie Communication
Appert Madison Sheila Entrepreneurship
Argueta Canales Melida   Accounting
Armbruster Aaron   Natural Resources
Austin Elizabeth Grace Communication
Aycock Josh   Finance
Ayres Jenna Marie Accounting
Baker Cory   Finance
Baker Joshua   Information Technology Management
Baker Stephanie   Natural Resources
Bartels Mackenzie   Animal Science
Benson Lynsay Leilani Exercise Science and Wellness
Berube Zach   Agronomy
Beversluis Shawn   Agricultural Business
Billings Spencer Scott Agronomy
Bingham Sadie   Agricultural Education
Bliss Emma   Animal Science
Blumhardt Magda   Animal Science
Bly Bri   Management
Bohrer Natalie   Management
Bot Allison Marjorie Animal Science
Bradford Bailey   English
Bruley Caden Nicholas Post-Secondary Enrollment
Burke Jacqueline R Management
Burke Mary   Elementary Education
Buttolph Katherine M Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Cambron Julyeta   Finance
Cameron Kristine Lynn Communication
Carlson Tiffany   Health Management
Carlstrom Peyton Lee Communication
Carter Eric   Finance
Cartier Sarah   Equine Science
Chen Jianhao   Software Engineering
Choi Junsoo   Undecided
Choi Ki Dae   Undecided
Chu Bobby   Exercise Science and Wellness
Clark Cole Robert Finance
Collins Jacqueline Ann Accounting
Cooper Anfernee   Exercise Science and Wellness
Corbin Nicole   Biology, Health Sciences, and Medical Lab Science
Cordes Hannah   Natural Resources
Cordes Molly   Elementary Education
Cross William K Finance and Management
Darnell Brittany L Accounting
Davidson Ava Elizabeth Post-Secondary Enrollment
Davis Zach   Sport & Recreation Management
Davy Jared Aaron Accounting
Deadwyler Jordan   Communication
Dellrocco Erin   Accounting
DeMuth Eleora Joy Agricultural Education and Communication
Drayna Madeline Sue Agricultural Business and Animal Science
Emslander Carrie   Finance
Evavold Alyssa Kate Agricultural Business and Equine Science
Faldet Kinlee Morgan Elementary Education
Farmer Katie   Marketing
Figueiredo Jonah   Criminal Justice
Fischer Kaylyn   Accounting
Fix Alexis   Exercise Science and Wellness
Folstad Jordan   Manufacturing Management
Ford Elle Lyn Communication
Fox Bren   Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Fulton Mark   Manufacturing Management
Furchner Brayden Alan Sport & Recreation Management
Gast Brittany   Health Management
Gere Kiya   Management
Girton Kelsea Marie Accounting
Gomez Megan   Health Management
Goodin Tina   Manufacturing Management and Quality Management
Grack Cheri Lynn Accounting
Graven Taylor   Sport & Recreation Management
Gray Jeff   Accounting
Greenberg Zachary Noah Sport & Recreation Management
Gresham Deaira   Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Groothuis Malena Hope Accounting
Harris Brendon Jamal Sport & Recreation Management
Harris McKenzie Lynn Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education
Hay Kaitlyn Marie Animal Science
Heuchert Noah   Agricultural Business
Hill Tori Jordyn Accounting and Finance
Hocking Kjersti   Accounting
Hollcraft Aaron   Elementary Education
Howard Kim   Accounting
Huang Jason   Software Engineering
Humble Connor Lawrence Sport & Recreation Management
Huso Logan   Criminal Justice
Jacobson Lacy Alexandra Agricultural Business
Jo Emily   Management
Johnson Ethan C Management and Communication
Johnson Jenn   Health Management
Johnson Kiana Lee Animal Science
Johnson Stacey Jo Finance
Jones Mikayla Diane Marketing and Sport & Recreation Management
Jossund Carson   Agronomy
Joynes Nicole   Health Management
Jude Carrie   English
Jung Eli   Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Kabachenko Max   Information Technology Management
Kanssole Roseline Yrgagnie Agricultural Business
Karl Emily Christine Information Technology Management
Kekke Joseph Robert Biology
Kill Shannon Hayley Equine Science
Kirkpatrick Anna Bernice Health Management
Kishel Miranda Marie Accounting and Finance
Klecker April Rose Animal Science and Equine Science
Klejwa Timothy Dominick Post-Secondary Enrollment
Knutson Erin   Accounting
Koisti Benjamin Gerald Golf and Turf Management
Kosovac Belma   Management
Kozitka Matthew   Software Engineering
Kruisselbrink Sydney   Biology and Health Sciences
Kuznia Brett   Accounting
Lacher Mikayla Kathryn Animal Science
Lai Keyu   Software Engineering
Lake Kristen Elizabeth Natural Resources
Lang Christopher   Software Engineering
Lano Michaela M Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Larimer Trey   Exercise Science and Wellness
Leaman Bailey A Agricultural Education
Lee Kyumin   Software Engineering
Leeson Renee Michelle Accounting
Legensky Ariel   English
Leier Carrie   Accounting
Lewis Myla   Agricultural Education
Long Justin Allen Applied Studies
Lu Jet   Accounting
Lubarski Jaden   Post-Secondary Enrollment
Lucid John   Aviation
Lupa Anthony   Exercise Science and Wellness
Marques Bruno Bormolini Finance and International Business
Adkins Marsen Amy Joyce Accounting
Marthaler Shayla Dorothy Agricultural Business and Equine Science
Maynard Kenzie Brianna Communication
Mayry Jesse   Natural Resources
Mazour Nicole   Health Sciences Pre-Professional
McCarthy Sarah Rose Communication
Mcclellan Scott   Finance
McCray LaDerek   Criminal Justice
Mcdonald Adam   Agricultural Systems Management
Mcgraw Andrea Diane Accounting
Mcgregor Seth   Agricultural Systems Management
Melton Kayley Nicole Agricultural Business and Equine Science
Mickschl Robert Eugene Management
Molitor David Joseph Health Management
Moon Hee In   Biology
Morales Maggie Rose Exercise Science and Wellness
Murphy Ellen Mary Communication
Murphy Robyn   Accounting
Musack Mikayla Lorraine Health Management
Nagel Levi   Finance
Nelson Devon   Natural Resources
Netzer Grace   Undecided
Neuman Jeremy   Sport & Recreation Management
Newton Seth Taylor Manufacturing Management and Quality Management
Niere Jonah   Biology and Health Sciences
Nix Marisa   Communication
Novak Bethany   Marketing
Olmscheid Samantha Ann Health Management
Olson Amanda   Animal Science and Equine Science
Orth Katie   Animal Science and Equine Science
Overby Braden L Information Technology Management
Peppel Jack   Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Peters Fran   Health Management
Pham Hieu   Information Technology Management
Pham Jennifer   Finance
Pince Justin   Information Technology Management
Pini Nannette M Animal Science
Post Kylie Johanna Elementary Education
Powell Corrie Sandra Health Management
Praska Kylea   Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education
Praveen Harshavardhan   Biology
Probst Jaidyn Jo   Post-Secondary Enrollment
Proctor Samantha   Exercise Science and Wellness
Provencial Eryn Terese Agricultural Systems Management, Animal Science, and Equine Science
Puttin Olivia Helen Communication
Ramirez Amanda Marie Finance
Ratcliff Ryan   Exercise Science and Wellness
Reichert Monica   Agricultural Education
Rempel Caleb   Agronomy and Horticulture
Rheault Joe   Applied Studies
Ridl Jasmine M Animal Science
Riley Molly Mae Communication
Roberts Thomas James Information Technology Management
Rodriguez Meli   Elementary Education
Roers Grace   Agricultural Business
Rongstad Matthew   Manufacturing Management
Ruckheim Claire   Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education
Sather Stephanie Anne International Business
Sato Haruna   International Business
Schelonka Kristina   Accounting
Schilling Nicole   Animal Science
Schmitt Brittani   Health Management
Schrempp Colton Cade Agricultural Systems Management
Schueler Ali   Animal Science
Seiberlich Sara   Health Management
Seo Cindy   Undecided
Sharma Vinayak   Software Engineering
Shook Brooke   Finance
Shykes Adam   Sport & Recreation Management
Sikkink Kaitlin   Biology and Health Sciences
Simmons Sam Hinckley Post-Secondary Enrollment
Simonson Hunter   Natural Resources
Sirjord Kayla   Health Sciences Pre-Professional
Sirjord Mckenzie Lynn Accounting
Skoe Thor Thomas Marketing
Sommerfeld Austin   Communication
Stanton Nhoa   Marketing
Stevens Emmitt   Health Management
Strand Jane   Agricultural Education
Struss Megan Wrae Entrepreneurship
Sullivan Kayla   Health Management
Swanson Cj   Management
Swenson Landyn   Exercise Science and Wellness
Taddese Zakeeyah   Accounting
Tate Montell   Natural Resources
Thesing Katie   Communication
Thompson Riley D Biology and Criminal Justice
Tran Ngan Thi Thao Information Technology Management
Trandem Amanda Lynn Exercise Science and Wellness
Tysdal Seth Vernon Accounting
Van Den Einde Jordan   Agricultural Systems Management
Van Overbeke Brooke   Exercise Science and Wellness
Vandal Jakob Michael Agronomy
Wagner Seth   Agricultural Systems Management
Walden Kyle   Sport & Recreation Management
Wallace Lauren   Sport & Recreation Management
Wang Weiqian   Software Engineering
Wang Zhengzheng   Software Engineering
Weakley Paige   Exercise Science and Wellness
Webster Erica   Health Management
Wersal Carlee   Natural Resources
White Kristi Lea Accounting
Wilhelm Heidi   Biology
Williams Hope Lauren Finance
Winters Tony   Manufacturing Management and Quality Management
Withrow Jessica Ann Elementary Education
Wolfe Alex   Sport & Recreation Management
Wuensch Nicholas   Accounting
Xu Mengyuan   Software Engineering
Yang Jingxuan   Software Engineering


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