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Students named to Spring Semester 2020 Chancellor's List at UMN Crookston

By Cassandra Morthera on
Monday, June 15, 2020

Students named to the spring semester 2020 Chancellor's List were announced recently by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Chancellor's List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 4.00 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Students named to the Chancellors List include the following:

Last First Name Academic Plan
Abazari Aryan Health Sciences Pre Prof BS
Adhikari Agyan Accounting BS
Alpers Christine Management BS
Andersen Jared Sport & Recreation Mgmt BS
Atchison Bryce Andrew Information Technology Mgmt BS
Baker Cory Finance BS
Bano Saira Non Degree
Barnes Evan Sport & Recreation Mgmt BS
Bartels Mackenzie Animal Science BS
Behnke Eric John Applied Studies BS
Benson Brooke Health Sciences Pre Prof BS
Benson Lynsay Leilani Exercise Sci and Wellness BS
Beyer Courtney Kaye Marketing BS
Billings Spencer Scott Agronomy BS
Blomdahl Gabby Elementary Education BS
Blumhardt Magda Animal Science BS
Bot Allison Marjorie Animal Science BS
Brown Maggie Animal Science BS
Brown Maggie Equine Science
Brule Maddie Communication BS
Burke Kinlee Morgan Elementary Education BS
Cameron Kristine Lynn Communication BS
Cameron Kristine Lynn Communication BS
Che Yilin English BS
Che Yilin Communication BS
Chen Hongkai Software Engineering BS
Chiclana Edna English BS
Chu Bobby Exercise Sci and Wellness BS
Cowles Rebecca Oroyan Quality Management BMM
Derra Kojilembay Mishine Information Technology Mgmt BS
Diggs De'Shaun Malik Software Engineering BS
Donnay Sammy Criminal Justice BS
Eastlund Ericka Equine Science BS
Ellison Riley Elizabeth Finance BS
Emslander Carrie Finance BS
Farmer Katie Marketing BS
Flahn Rose Health Management BS
Fox Bren Health Sciences Pre Prof BS
Freberg Eric Management BS
Frieberg Jordan Criminal Justice BS
Frisk Kamryn Management BS
Frisk Kamryn Accounting
Gast Brittany Health Management BS
Girton Kelsea Marie Accounting BS
Girton Kelsea Marie Management BS
Glime Margaret Louise Marketing BS
Hansen Lydia Elizabeth Animal Science BS
Hansen Lydia Elizabeth Agricultural Business BS
Hanson Ben Information Technology Mgmt BS
Hanson Cory Thomas Accounting BS
Happe Cassie English BS
Harsha Nikki Elementary Education BS
Heath Jessi Management BS
Heil Joshua M Information Technology Mgmt BS
Heil Joshua M Management BS
Hendrickx Paul Agricultural Education BS
Hennessey Ryan Natural Resources BS
Heuchert John Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS
Heuchert Noah Carl Agricultural Business BS
Hobson Emma English BS
Hoehne Katie Biology BS
Hoehne Katie Health Sciences Pre Prof BS
Hokanson Tj Finance BS
Hokanson Tj Sport and Recreation Mgmt
Holter Julia Communication BS
Holter Julia Communication BS
Hosch Ezra Finance BS
Huang Jianglong International Business BS
Hwang Inyeong Business-Undeclared
Johnson Amber Agricultural Communication BS
Johnson Amber Communication BS
Jude Carrie English BS
Jude Carrie Communication BS
Jude Carrie Communication BS
Kalway Noah Edward Accounting BS
Kampa Anthony Software Engineering BS
Kasprick Alyssa Agronomy BS
Kim Yumin Undecided
Klecker April Rose Equine Science BS
Klecker April Rose Animal Science BS
Knaeble Emily Accounting BS
Kolstoe Sarah Joy Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Kracht Helayna Finance BS
Kroll Amber Marie Accounting BS
Kroll Amber Marie Finance BS
Kruisselbrink Sydney Biology BS
Kruisselbrink Sydney Health Sciences Pre Prof BS
Lafontaine Lilliana Rose Health Management BS
Lang Christopher Software Engineering BS
Lano Michaela M Health Sciences Pre Prof BS
Lano Michaela M Biology BS
Larsen Nicole Lenae Accounting BS
Lawson Tavia Finance BS
Lawson Tavia Accounting BS
Lax Jen Communication BS
Lax Jen Criminal Justice
Lee Chee Accounting BS
Leeson Renee Michelle Accounting BS
Lewis Myla Agricultural Education BS
Lucid Dan Software Engineering BS
Mac Donald Michael Thomas Entrepreneurship BS
Malloy Courtney Danielle Manufacturing Management BMM
Malloy Courtney Danielle Quality Management BMM
Marcus Jennifer Communication BS
Marcus Jennifer Communication BS
Marques Bruno Bormolini Finance BS
Marques Bruno Bormolini International Business BS
Maunu Abigail Animal Science BS
Maunu Abigail Equine Science
Mclemore Jared Lee Entrepreneurship BS
Mclemore Jared Lee Management BS
McMullen Deb English BS
McWilliams Stephanie Taylor Elementary Education BS
Medina Lauren Finance BS
Medina Lauren Management BS
Melton Kayley Nicole Agricultural Business BS
Mezzatesta Virginia Accounting BS
Mezzatesta Virginia International Business BS
Nancarrow Brianna Victoria Exercise Sci and Wellness BS
Netzer Grace Animal Science BS
Netzer Grace Equine Science BS
Neumiller Elizabeth Equine Science BS
Norgaard Melody Health Management BS
Oberlin Carlee Equine Science BS
Oberlin Carlee Animal Science
Ocampo-Forrest Juanita Health Management BS
Olson Anna Agronomy BS
Olson Melissa Finance BS
Paul Sabrina Management BS
Pavlish Carolyn Agricultural Education BS
Pesch Lori Communication BS
Pesch Lori Communication BS
Peterson Alyssa Elementary Education BS
Peterson Alyssa Early Childhood Education
Pham Kien Accounting BS
Post Kylie Johanna Elementary Education BS
Powell Trevor Sport & Recreation Mgmt BS
Proctor Samantha Exercise Sci and Wellness BS
Provencial Eryn Terese Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS
Provencial Eryn Terese Animal Science BS
Provencial Eryn Terese Equine Science BS
Robbins Tristan International Business BS
Rodriguez Mikaela International Business BS
Ruckheim Claire Early Childhood Education BS
Ruckheim Claire Elementary Education BS
Sannes Paige Medical Laboratory Science BS
Seiberlich Sara Health Management BS
Sharma Vinayak Software Engineering BS
Smith Ashley Management BS
Sobolewski Cj Sport & Recreation Mgmt BS
Sorenson Derek William Finance BS
Sorenson Derek William Accounting BS
Stangeland Kayla Ann Elementary Education BS
Stangeland Kayla Ann Early Childhood Education BS
Stein Joshua Information Technology Mgmt BS
Stillman Alyssa Leigh Health Sciences Pre Prof BS
Thoma Benjamin Ryan Management BS
Thomas Alyssa Margaret Health Management BS
Tran Ngan Thi Thao Information Technology Mgmt BS
Trostad Ben Finance BS
Twomey Jessica Health Management BS
Verbout Shantel Agricultural Business BS
Verbout Shantel Agronomy BS
Wallace Lauren Sport & Recreation Mgmt BS
Wallace Lauren Marketing BS
Wardner Wyatt Chad Agricultural Business BS
Wardner Wyatt Chad Agronomy BS
Weidenborner Whitney Exercise Sci and Wellness BS
Wersal Carlee Natural Resources BS
Wersal Carlee Natural Resources BS
Wiersma Anna Sietske Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt
Wildman Raelynn Nicole Animal Science BS
Withrow Jessica Ann Elementary Education BS
Zappa Amy Jo Marketing BS

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