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Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership Seeks Board Members

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Thursday, May 25, 2017

Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership (NWRSDP) is seeking community members in Northwestern Minnesota to serve on its board of directors. 

"We are one of five Regional Partnerships across the state that connects local communities and citizens with the resources of the University of Minnesota.  For example, our board has supported innovative projects in Northwest Minnesota like One Vegetable - One Community, Riverland’s Tourism Conference and a plan for trails and recreation at Gary Pines.    “We strive to have a diverse board of forward-thinking members connecting communities across the region and to the University" says Mike Triplett, current board chair.  

Each of the five Regional Partnerships (Southeast, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Central) is citizen-driven, building community-University partnerships that create new opportunities and solve problems in Greater Minnesota. The Partnerships are a division of University of Minnesota Extension.

According to Linda Kingery, executive director, board members function as a team, working with local communities to identify and implement projects that foster sustainability in agriculture and food systems, tourism and resilient communities, natural resources, and clean energy.

Members of the NWRSDP board also:

  • solicit, evaluate, and vote on proposals
  • participate in regular boards and focus area work group meetings--both in-person and by conference calls--contributing time, energy, and insight to projects 
  • serve for three years with mileage and honorarium for agreed upon meetings and special assignments.

Board membership is open to residents of Greater Minnesota and University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students. Please submit your application by Friday, June 9, 2017 for terms starting beginning July 2017.   For more information, click here to download application.

Contact: Linda Kingery, executive director, U of M Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership,218-281-8697 (

As a part of University of Minnesota Extension, the Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships brings together local talent and resources with University of Minnesota knowledge and seed funding to drive sustainability in four areas: agriculture and food systems, tourism and resilient communities, natural resources, and clean energy. 


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