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Students Named to 2018 Fall Semester Deans List

By Cassandra Morthera on
Friday, January 18, 2019

Students named to the fall semester 2018 Deans List were recently announced by the Office of the Registrar at the University of Minnesota Crookston. The U of M Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation. logo

To qualify for a place on the Deans List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Students on the Deans List include:

Name Academic Plan
Ailes,Haley Elaine Communication
Altendahl,Tommy Accounting
Armbruster,Aaron Natural Resources
Asp,Jared Andrew Agronomy
Auspos,Gabi Accounting
Babler,Alli Dawn Early Childhood Educ /Elementary Educ
Barnes,Evan Sport and Recreation Management
Bauer,Quinn Alan Natural Resources
Baysah,Roland Manufacturing Management
Bingham,Sadie Agricultural Education
Blumhardt,Magda Animal Science
Boogaard,Johanna R Animal Science /Equine Science
Bot,Allison Marjorie Animal Science
Bradford,Bailey English
Brau,Briana Loren Marketing
Buhr,Jarrod Finance
Bundy,Susan Information Technology Management
Burke,Carter S Agricultural Education
Buttolph,Katherine M Health Sciences
Cambron,Julyeta Finance
Chandonnet,Ross Marketing
Cherry,Graeme Golf and Turf Management
Choi,Junsoo Arts/Hum/SocSci-Undeclared
Christopher,Mikayla R Quality Management
Chu,Bobby Exercise Scienceand Wellness
Collins,Jacqueline Ann Accounting
Cordes,Molly Elementary Education
Cornale,Paige Biology /Health Sciences
Covlin,Danika Rose Marketing
Cross,Meredith Accounting
Crum,Katie Animal Science /Equine Science
Darnell,Brittany L Accounting
Davis,Neka Animal Science
Davy,Jared Aaron Accounting
Davy,Robby Agricultural Business
Deadwyler,Jordan Communication
Dellrocco,Erin Accounting
Deppa,Gabrielle Marketing
Deschenes,Molly Marketing
Dick,Savanna Animal Science
Dykhoff,Alysha Natural Resources
Eckert,Harley Martina Accounting /Equine Science
Ekman,Davis Biology
Erickson,Anne Marie Health Management
Eriksen,Randi Kay Communication
Evavold,Alyssa Kate Agricultural Business /Equine Science
Fasching,Sam Accounting /Finance
Finberg,Scott Finance
Finley,Dustin James Natural Resources
Fischer,Kaylyn Accounting
Fix,Alexis Exercise Scienceand Wellness
Folstad,Jordan Manufacturing Management
Fox,Bren Health Sciences
Garry,Jessica Management
Gaston,Andreas K International Business
Gomez,Megan Health Management
Gray,Ebony Health Management
Gray,Jeff Accounting
Greenberg,Zachary Noah Sport and Recreation Management
Gresham,Deaira Health Sciences
Gross,Austin David Software Engineering
Haeg,Madeline Mary Elementary Education
Handwerk,Hannah Marie Management
Hansen,Lydia Elizabeth Agricultural Business /Animal Science
Harsha,Nikki Elementary Education
Harsha,Taylor Nicole Management /Marketing
Hefta,Rachel Ann Post-Secondary Enrollment Option
Hegrat,Kayla Accounting
Heil,Joshua M Information Technology Management /Management
Hein,Michael Manufacturing Management /Quality Management
Hendrickx,Peter Agricultural Education
Hennessey,Ryan Natural Resources
Heuchert,Noah Agricultural Business
Hocking,Kjersti Accounting
Hodgdon,Maggee Aviation
Howard,Kim Accounting
Huang,Jason Software Engineering
Humble,Connor Lawrence Sport and Recreation Management
Huso,Logan Criminal Justice
Jacobs,Deidre' Applied Studies
Jacobson,Lacy Alexandra Agricultural Business
Johnson,Amber Agricultural Communication
Johnson,Ethan C Communication /Management
Johnson,Jenn Health Management
Johnson,Rachel Marie Marketing
Jorgenson,Bryce Software Engineering
Joynes,Nicole Health Management
Juhl,Ben Sport and Recreation Management
Kabachenko,Max Information Technology Management
Kapsner,Aria Natural Resources
Karl,Emily Christine Information Technology Management
Khalif,Jama International Business
Kill,Shannon Hayley Equine Science
Kinnunen,Luke Thomas Elementary Education
Kirkpatrick,Anna Bernice Health Management
Kishel,Miranda Marie Accounting /Finance
Kjos,Keaton Alan Management
Klecker,April Rose Animal Science /Equine Science
Knickerbocker,Chase Finance
Knudtson,Skyla D Animal Science /Equine Science
Knutson,Erin Accounting
Koch,Megan Tye Health Management
Koisti,Benjamin Golf and Turf Management
Koke,Natalie Communication
Kolic,Izora Qameh Health Sciences
Kosovac,Belma Management
Kravchenko,Anastasiia Management
Kruisselbrink,Sydney Biology /Health Sciences
Lacher,Mikayla Kathryn Animal Science
Lang,Christopher Software Engineering
Larson,Michael Marketing
Leaman,Bailey Agricultural Education
Lee,Chanjoo International Business
Lenahan,Joe Management
Leuer,Sabrina Agronomy /Horticulture
Lewis,Myla Agricultural Education
Li,Xuedi Software Engineering
Lindblom,Kayla Management
Liu,Yongan Software Engineering
Luedeke,Quincy Rae Natural Resources
Mahmoud,Mohamed Hanafy Exercise Scienceand Wellness
Marin,Melissa Ann Accounting
Marsen,Amy Joyce Adkins Accounting
Martinson,Allison Exercise Scienceand Wellness
Maynard,Kenzie Brianna Communication
Mayry,Jesse Natural Resources
Mazour,Nicole Health Sciences
McCarthy,Sarah Rose Communication
Mclemore,Jared Lee Entrepreneurship
McWilliams,Stephanie Taylor Elementary Education
Melton,Kayley Nicole Equine Science
Mierzejewski,Mataya Undecided
Milligan,Logan Elliot Agricultural Business
Mills,Maggie Kathleen Communication
Moon,Hee In Biology
Morales,Maggie Rose Exercise Scienceand Wellness
Moss,Olivia Jeanne Management
Musack,Mikayla Lorraine Health Management
Nagel,Levi Finance
Naqvi,Fatima Batool Accounting
Navejas,Adam Biology
Nelson,Matthew Undecided
Newton,Seth Taylor Manufacturing Management /Quality Management
Nielsen,Jacob Management
Niere,Jonah Biology
Novak,Bethany Marketing
Novak,Karyn Accounting
Novotny,Kathryn Accounting
Oakes,Alexandra Management
Oberg,Allison Mae Animal Science
Orth,Katie Animal Science /Equine Science
Overgaard,Samuel Post-Secondary Enrollment Option
Pagliano,Anthony Marketing
Payne,Ryan Marketing
Peterson,Holie Natural Resources
Pham,Hieu Information Technology Management
Pham,Jennifer Finance
Pieper,Josh Sport and Recreation Management
Post,Kylie Johanna Elementary Education
Praveen,Harshavardhan Biology
Puttin,Olivia Helen Communication
Rainey,Sheila Marketing
Ramirez,Amanda Marie Finance
Rarick,Samantha J Biology /Health Sciences
Rau,Jace David Golf and Turf Management /Horticulture
Reed,Brent Exercise Science and Wellness
Reichert,Monica Agricultural Education
Reitmeier,Ronny Jaeckel Management
Rempel,Caleb Agronomy /Horticulture
Resendiz,Kennedy Animal Science
Rickers,Katelyn Finance
Ridl,Jasmine M Animal Science
Riley,Molly Mae Communication
Robbins,Tristan International Business
Roberts,Thomas James Information Technology Management
Rodriguez Delgado,Addaleigh Criminal Justice
Rodriguez,Meli Early Childhood Education
Rodriguez,Mikaela International Business
Rogers,Brianna Nicole Management
Roseen,Noah Natural Resources
Ruckheim,Grace Agricultural Education
Rud,Eric Thomas Sport and Recreation Management
Rux,Sabrina Agricultural Business
Saeed,Bakhit Information Technology Management
Sato,Haruna International Business
Schelonka,Kristina Accounting
Scherer,Jason Thomas Medical Laboratory Science
Schlaak,Ben Health Management
Schmitt,Brittani Ann Health Management
Schneider,Kristin Ann Management
Schrempp,Colton Cade Agricultural Systems Management
Seo,Cindy Undecided
Setterholm,Lucas Management
Sharma,Vinayak Software Engineering
Shkil,Bogdan Management
Sikkink,Kaitlin Biology /Health Sciences
Simmons,Sam Hinckley Post-Secondary Enrollment Option
Simonson,Emilee Joy Non Degree
Simonson,Hunter Natural Resources
Singh,Navjot Software Engineering
Skoe,Thor Thomas Marketing
Smedsrud,Laura Natural Resources
Solberg,Eli Exercise Science and Wellness
Spier,Taylor Health Sciences
Spilde,Beau Agricultural Business
Stark,Hannah Jo Business-Undeclared
Steele,Austin Sport and Recreation Management
Stellmach,Martha Accounting
Streifel,Beatrice Equine Science
Stulen,Kyle Lewis Software Engineering
Sullivan,Kayla Health Management
Swanson,Cj Management
Swenson,Landyn Exercise Science and Wellness
Tetrault,Conner Agricultural Systems Management
Theodoridis,Xristo Sport and Recreation Management
Thomas,Alyssa Margaret Health Management
Thomas,Carsten Accounting
Thyes,Jake Exercise Science and Wellness
Tupy,John William Applied Studies
Uzonwa,Nelson O Criminal Justice
Van Den Einde,Jordan Agricultural Systems Management
Vettleson,Matthew Animal Science
Vold,Payton Criminal Justice
Wagner,Seth Agricultural Systems Management
Walden,Kyle Sport and Recreation Management
Wang,Weiqian Software Engineering
Weakley,Paige Exercise Science and Wellness
Weber,Lindsey Health Sciences
Webster,Erica Health Management
Wersal,Carlee Natural Resources
Whitney,Elsa Alyce Communication
Wilhelm,Heidi Biology
Winiecki,Jacquie Communication
Witt,Maddy Natural Resources
Wittrow,Jessica Elementary Education
You,Yeonshik Biology
Yutrzenka,Justin John Criminal Justice
Zhao,Hannah Yujia Software Engineering


Cassandra Morthera

University Relations