Physical Health & Mental Well-being

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The University of Minnesota Crookston is committed to the physical health and mental well-being of all members of its living and learning community. A wide array of services exists to support students, faculty, and staff.

A Tobacco Free Campus
A wealth of research exists documenting health risks associated with tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke. 
Policy: Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus 

Residential Life Health and Safety (Includes Possession and Consumption of Alcohol)
With more than 500 students living on campus in residence halls, the health and safety of everyone is a top priority.
Policy: Regulations Pertaining to Residence Hall Health and Safety
Website: Residential Life

Student Health Services
Good physical and mental health relates positively to educational success. The mission of UMC Student Health Services is to promote continuing health care opportunities through prevention, early illness intervention, and continuing care.
Website: Student Health Services

University Wellness and Recreation
With the opening of the Wellness Center in 2016, the campus community embarked on a new era of opportunity for wellness and recreation activities. University Wellness and Recreation enhances the educational experience and promotes lifelong wellness through activities, programs, services and facilities to the campus community.
Website: University Wellness and Recreation
Website: Wellness Center (information about the facility)

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD)
The mission of the ATOD Program is to educate students about the potential negative consequences of drug and alcohol use and/or abuse through innovative programming, peer education, campus outreach, and community collaborations.
Website: ATOD Program

Counseling Services
Counseling Services at the U of M Crookston provide individual confidential counseling services, conflict resolution, walk-in crisis consultation, and referral assistance to community based mental health providers.
Website: Counseling Services

Security Services
Security Services is a function of the Residential Life & Security Services and is responsible for law enforcement and security on campus. The primary function is to enforce State and University policies and be of assistance to faculty, staff, and students.
Website: Security Services

Preventing Sexual Assault
The University of Minnesota system is committed to creating a welcoming and respectful work and educational environment that is free from sexual harassment, and the University provides comprehensive support, education, and reporting mechanisms to all members of the University community.
Policy: Sexual Harassment
Website: Responding to Sexual Misconduct - Title IX - VAWA - see Student Affairs

Disability Resource Center (DRC)
The DRC is a place where students, faculty and staff can come for campus, community, and nation-wide resources regarding accommodations, adaptations, accessible technology and universal design support.
Website: DRC

Dining Services
To meet the nutritional needs of students, faculty, and staff, Dining Services offers a variety of dining and meal options.
Website: Dining Services