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The Campus Advisory and Advancement Board (CAAB) was created to enhance and strengthen the relationship between the University of Minnesota Crookston and the region.

The counsel of CAAB members provides insight to help direct decision-making, develop opportunities for collaboration, and build relationships leading to greater understanding.

Working together in an active partnership, CAAB addresses both current and future needs in education as well as the enhancement of scholarship.

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Responsibilities of Members

  • Develop an understanding of UMC’s unique mission and vision.
  • Provide insight and counsel on specific campus matters through their unique external perspectives.
  • Advance and connect this mission and vision to others by serving as ambassadors, advocates and supporters.
  • Support UMC by virtue of personal expertise, time, influence, and philanthropy, and identify and encourage others to become supporters.
  • Provide linkages to other organizations in order to create mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Identify and help engage potential donors and supporters of UMC in collaboration with the campus.
  • As opportunities arise, engage with students to better understand their UMC experience and their aspirations for the future (e.g. attending meetings and events, mentoring, providing internships, etc.)
  • Respond to Chancellor inquiries and requests for assistance and commit to attending biannual meetings, typically on campus, at their own expense.


  • Familiarity with the campus (e.g. alumni, donor, employer, policy maker, community and/or regional supporter).
  • Nomination of members solicited from current and former members, campus faculty and staff, alumni associations and Teambackers members, and supporters. Chancellor makes appointment and serves as Chair.
  • Members commit to a term of one to four years. If invited, members can elect to serve additional terms.